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Zion Williamson: ‘I want to prove I’m a winner’

The 6th of July will become a great day in the history of swans. On his 22nd birthday, Zion Williamson has officially committed to the Louisiana franchise for the next five years by signing a contract that could reach $231 million depending on whether, or not, he’s on the All-NBA team next season.

Along with Pelicans GM Trajan Langdon, president David Griffin and coach Willie Green, Zion Williamson first thanked the franchise for his trust and support after a season halted due to a foot injury.

“I just want to thank you all for the way you have believed in me. For giving me the opportunity for a kid like me to show my team my abilities to win, I hope, many championship titles. And thank you for supporting me this year. As Coach Green said, on my birthday last year, I knew I broke My feet. It’s been a whole year, and it’s been hard. The fact that the swans gave me this Christmas present a year later, I won’t let them down! Neither the city nor my family, and above all me. So thank you.”

Earn over time

David Griffin was happy to take advantage of a seemingly great group with 15 players already on contract. The course is set with long-term signatures Zion Williamson and Brandon Ingram (five years with no options). Now it remains to win over time.

“We feel that with the team we put together, with Zion being such a big part of everything, coach Willie Green and the staff will be able to have a string of successes for a long time. For a long time. We are young, talented, and then, we are very hungry.”

Having moved on from a surprising team, and back out of nowhere to finally take his place in the playoffs, New Orleans now wants to take another step in its lead. For Willie Green, Zion Williamson’s contribution can help his group in that direction, thanks to the work.

“The goal is to maximize the qualities of our group by adding them to the team. Honestly, I think it will be intimidating for the rest of the NBA. Now, it will take some time to get there. Which groups play best together, and how can we take advantage of the different mismatches, And how can we get all of our guys on the field and let them succeed… It all takes effort. But we’ll get there at some point in the season and when we do, I think we can be an intimidating team.”

This is the starting point for a new story of Zion Williamson who intends to put his team into a tradition of victory, far from the turmoil that accompanied his convalescence.

“I want to prove that I’m a winner, it’s that simple. I want to win with the coach and my teammates with the ultimate goal of winning the league title. That’s what we all fight for. And as David Griffin said, we’re hungry. Last year you all saw what the team did, I can’t wait to contribute to it.”

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