YouTube Discovered a Cemetery of Lost Baggage with AirTag

An Australian YouTuber has managed to recover his lost luggage thanks to AirTag. And while AirTags was designed to do this, Apple’s locator was able to retrieve the man’s bags despite the airline responsible for them making a series of mistakes.

YouTuber Shane Miller’s luggage, who had $4,500 worth of cycling gear, did not appear on the treadmill when he arrived at Melbourne Airport on a Singapore Airlines flight. According to the company, baggage has not been placed on the onward flight, but staff will contact it as soon as it arrives.

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When the bags finally arrived at Melbourne Airport, Miller reported their location to AirTag on his cell phone. YouTube waited a week for news from the airline, and nothing.

“My problem with Singapore Airlines and Swissport customer service is that there has been no interaction,” Miller said. “I called 16 times the phone number they gave me from Swissport the night I got off, and no one came back.”

Miller, tired of waiting, flew to the airport, where the Find My app took him to a back office in Swissport. There he found his luggage, and a graveyard of lost bags in a random room.

“Long story short, the mega bag guy really helped me figure out where I needed to go,” Miller says. “But the last few meters have been 100% of AirTag’s work.”

“The staff were very helpful and took me to the right office,” he continued. “When I was a few feet away from the bags, which were in the corner of an office, I was able to make the AirTag beep.”

He concluded, “This is my story, but the amount of bags on the floor in that office…I am lucky to have found my bags so easily.”

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Miller is an IT professional and cyclist, and reviews cycling accessories like GPS gear and locators on his YouTube channel. Despite all his knowledge of AirTags, Miller took a week and trying “all the way” to get his bags back. Without AirTag, he suspects he may never get his equipment back.

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