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Yankees’ Matt Carpenter needs to play everyday | Analysis

Boston – The Yankees’ attack may return to full strength on Saturday with Anthony Rizzo’s back expected to heal enough to play for the first time since Sunday.

The challenge will be for manager Aaron Boone to find a place for Matt Carpenter, who deserves to be in the squad every day as he continues his amazing progression.

Friday was just another example of Carpenter’s dominance, his three strikes, including Homer’s solo, helping the Red Sox defeat the Red Sox 12-5 at Fenway Park.

“He’s going to keep looking for points,” Boone said when asked if a fiery Carpenter forced the manager to find a way to force him to join the amazing squad every day.

“We’ll see. He’ll announce the season itself and show you. He’s hitting and he’s got a really important place in that room since he came and he’s done a lot of damage to us.”

That was as big an understatement as is to say the Carpenter’s mustache is obscene (in the best way possible).

At just 59 at bat, Carpenter crushed nine laps and drove in 20 strokes with a hitting average of 1,305. He has a 1,220 OPS. He only signed with the Yankees on a minor league deal on May 26.

Furthermore, the Yankees are teaching the 36-year-old dog new tricks. He played on the left court and seemed more than immediately capable with the first two balls placed in the match against main bowler Nestor Cortes. This was his first start on the left field since 2012. On Thursday, he started on the right field for the first time since 2014 and looked consistent there too.

The Yankees have already started giving Carpenter plenty of bats every day. He has played in 12 of the team’s last 15 games. By Friday, he was hitting .292 with .954 OPS over his previous 11 games.

He said he was just trying to take it day in and day out.

“I try not to focus too much on expectations and just focus on fulfilling whatever role I had,” he said. “It didn’t really come with a set of expectations, but what happened was really great and I’m very grateful for the opportunity and hopefully I will continue to have it.”

It might go without saying, but Carpenter should take the bat from Joey Gallo, who was a solid defensive player and a good starting runner, but only hit 0.166 with 92 attacks from 205 hits at bat. The Yankees could start Carpenter and use Gallo as a defensive substitute to protect leads late in games.

The Yankees can also use Carpenter in DH or spell DJ LeMahieu in second base, and occasionally, third baseman Josh Donaldson.

Carpenter, the 12-year-old veteran, looked like one of the leaders at the club when asked about the team’s 15 1/2 lead in the Eastern Conference.

“It just shows you how talented this club is, the kind of players we have here and what we can accomplish,” Carpenter said. “This is a really good division and to have the lead is a testament to the players in this room. At the same time, we’re not really thinking about that. We’re really doing a good job every day of just putting in the fuel and back to work and not getting lost in the standings, just getting ready to go out. And play every day.”

Read those last two words again: Play every day. That’s what Carpenter has to do, and the Yankees are smart enough to know it.

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