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Yankees’ Gerrit Cole explains ‘WTF’ moment against Red Sox’s Rafael Devers

Boston – For Gerrit Cole, it all ended well.

Even though Cole gave up two home runs to his perennial tormentor, Raphael Devers, the Yankees still edged out the Red Sox, 6-5, at Fenway Park Thursday night.

However, after Devers crushed that second shot — a three-round bomb to center field in the fifth that cut the Yankees’ lead by one run — Cole looked dumbfounded on the hill. He shook his arms and let his knees dig a little.

“It was like; ‘WTF, man,’ he said. ‘But it didn’t beat us.’”

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Just before the blast, throw coach Matt Blake visited the hill to explain the attack plan with Cole Four Divers, who had also shocked Homer by two runs in the third.

Cole went back, 1-0, to Devers before losing a low change and exiting the strike zone. However, Devers crushed it in his sixth career at home outside of the Yankees. No other player has hit more than four co-workers outside of Cole.

“I’m open to suggestions,” Cole said. “You guys are watching the game too. He obviously has the ability to ride the ball down the area, he has the ability to catch my fast ball. He proved that. Both pitches were well executed. I think we definitely discussed the situation when Matt explained how we wanted to. attack him.”

Cole added, “He was able to hit everything. I mean, there was no mistake. Rolling once. Off the line once. I mean, you’re supposed to fail seven times out of 10 at this gig. I don’t know what the deal is. We have to Just keep it going, man.”

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He tells Cole that he has nothing but admiration for Devers.

He said, “Oh, there’s respect.”

Cole lasted six runs, and gave up five. He improved to 8-2 with a 3.26 ERA. Aside from his misdeeds toward Devers, Cole felt content with the evening.

“Everything was fine. “We’ve been living in corners all night,” he said.

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