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Yankees’ Aaron Judge rewrites history book with 30th home run of the season

The Aaron Judge race continues to hit the record books.

On Wednesday, Judge reached his 30th home number of the season via a Grand Slam at PNC Park in Pittsburgh. The New York Yankees put away the Pittsburgh Pirates, 16-0.

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This is an incredible sign to achieve before the All-Star break. Per MLB.com:

“With the slam, the judge tied Alex Rodriguez (2007) and, well, himself (17) for the second-most home run before the All-Star break in Yankees history. Roger MarisThe 33 Homers in 1961 still set the winning record. (Babe Ruth He hit 32 in three seasons–’21, ’28, and ’30–but all that came before his first All-Star Game in ’33.) Judge is also the second player in Major League history with multiple seasons of 30 or more. Before the all-star break, join Ken Griffey Jr.. (“94, 97 and 98).”

Judge will now join the Yankees captain’s roster for one season at home:

61: Roger Maris, 1961

60: Babe Ruth, 1927

59: Babe Ruth, 1921

54: Babe Ruth, 1920

54: Babe Ruth, 1928

54: Mickey Mantell, 1961

54: Alex Rodriguez, 2007

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Here are the judge’s projected stats for this season, according to ESPN:

59 Homers

172 hits

79 walk

85 additional base hits

128 strokes

126 RBI

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