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With Jerami Grant and Gary Payton II, the Blazers filled in the gaps

Jeramy Grant And the Gary Payton II They were presented to the press Thursday, for their arrival in Portland. A city known to both men: the first was born there since his father, former NBA player Harvey Grant, played there in 1994, when the second wore the Oregon colors between 2014 and 2016.

So it’s a nice addition to the franchise, even if the basic is located elsewhere. The wing and the back are particularly good choices for jackets. Grant is a player who averaged 21 points for two seasons and Peyton is the second solid defender who just won the title with the Warriors.

“We are really satisfied with what we have accomplished so far”confirms Joe Cronin, general manager of the franchise, for The Oregonian. “And we believe that we have created a team that can cause problems for others. We have a competitive squad, which will be difficult to beat, with the potential to win many matches.”

“I like players with character and great competitors”

Chauncey Billups is delighted with the presence of Jeramy Grant. He will be able to bring his versatility and points in attack, as well as being able to take care of the flankers or the inner parts in defense. It’s perfect for supporting Damian Lillard.

“We didn’t have it and we needed it,” coach says. “All teams need a player like that. He feeds on everything. On defense, he can change on everyone. I see him in a Pick-and-Roll with Lillard or Anfernee Simons. Then he finds himself facing a smaller player and we can let him work. He can. Take advantage of mismatches.”

For Payton second, it’s like having second Josh Hart in the group, much appreciated in his first weeks in Oregon. He’s a warrior, defender, and player who came from afar and fought to snatch the NBA contract.

“It’s the player style I like”, The former Pistons playmaker is confirmed as the best player at the 2004 Finals. “Swiss knife. He has shown his worth and level all season. He has achieved what few can do. I am not talking about winning the title, but about the fact that he has climbed all the way up. I like players with character and great competitors.”

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