Where will you spend the time (22/6)?

Want to know where to watch Atlético MG and Flamengo Copa do Brasil today? In a fierce confrontation, the teams will play the first leg of the round of 16 on Wednesday, June 22 from 21:30 (Brasilia time). Playing at Mineirao Stadium, in Belo Horizonte, the match will be broadcast on TV Globo for free and live.

Atletico easily beat the Brazilians in the third stage to reach here in the Copa do Brasil. Now, against a strong opponent, he would have to work twice as hard if he wanted to ensure the advantage and the ranking. Gallo’s season is not regular, as they finished fourth with 21 points in Brazil after beating Flamengo themselves at the weekend.

Flamengo, under the leadership of Dorival Jr., has not yet shown its full potential. The club beat Altos in the third stage to decide the classification on Wednesday. However, in Brazil, the team fears relegation to the second division while appearing in 14th place with only 15 points. With Dorival there are two defeats and one victory.

Where will Brazil play today in Atlético MG and Copa Flamengo?

The match between Atlético MG and Flamengo will be broadcast today at Copa do Brasil on Globo, SporTV and Premiere. Rest assured, fans, because the superb classic movie of the tour will be broadcast on open TV. This is because Globo will broadcast the Copa do Brasil match throughout Brazil, except for SP and PR, with narration by Luis Roberto and commentary by Roger Flores.

If you prefer to enjoy it on closed TV, you should tune in to the SporTV and Premiere channels, which are only available on subscription operators across the country. If you do not have any of the stations, you should contact your operator.

However, if you prefer to watch online, Premiere and Globo Play platforms are available via mobile, tablet, computer and smart TV.

Date: 06/22/2022
Time: 21:30 (Brasilia time)
Venue: Mineirao Stadium in Belo Horizonte
Referee: Luis Flavio de Oliveira (FIFA) / VAR: Pablo Ramon Gonçalves
Where to watch Atlético MG and Flamengo Copa do Brasil today: Globo, SporTV, Premiere

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Atletico MG x Flamengo squad

Atletico MG lineup: Iverson; Nathan Silva, Guilherme Arana, Junior Alonso, Mariano; Allan, Ottavio, Nacho; Vargas, Keno and Hulk. Coach: Antonio Mohamed. Zaracho and Gere are the only absentees from Gallo on Wednesday. Ademir is questionable.

Flamengo squad: Diego Alves (Hugo); Mathuzinho, Rodrigo Caillou, Pablo, Filipe Luis; Willian Arau, Andreas Pereira, Joao Gomez, Everton Ribeiro; Arascaeta and Gabigol. Coach: Dorival Jr. Bruno Henrique is not supposed to play this season, while Mateusz Franca, David Luiz and Fabricio Bruno are still in transition and working in the medical department.

Atletico MG vs Flamengo predictions

There is no doubt that the confrontation between Atlético Mineiro and Flamengo is the highlight of the last 16 of the Copa del Rey this season.

At the weekend, Gallo beat Robro Negro 2 x 0 and thus, came to the field confident of defeating the opponent from Rio, with a hint of favoritism in today’s game.

However, it is important to remember that we are talking about a new competition worthy of a title. So it is necessary to erase some numbers and imagine a new clash between the two parties.

Atlético plays at home and, with the support of the fans, will put pressure on Flamengo from start to finish. However, it would take a lot of work to negate the red and black attack. Visitors need to sponsor players like Nacho, Hulk, Vargas and Jair.

Atletico MG and the Flamengo Cup Brazil

Who plays in the Brazil Cup 2022 today?

Five matches will be played on Wednesday, June 22, for the Round of 16 of the Copa do Brasil season. With ten teams on the field, each of the engagements is valid for the first round in Stage Four, where the winner is guaranteed the advantage of the next challenge.

The Copa del Rey is the most democratic competition in the Brazilian football arena. It is responsible for uniting teams from the most diverse places in the country, where they all have the same opportunity to win the title, as well as high values ​​in awards. The eight winners of the Round of 16 advance to the quarter-finals.

So that you don’t miss a thing, check out the Copa Brasil Round of 16 matches today.

Atlético GO vs Goiás – Wednesday, 22/06 at 19:00
Bahia x Atletico PR – Wednesday, 06/22 at 19:30
Fortaleza vs Ceará – Wednesday, 06/22 at 20:00
Corinthians vs Santos – Wednesday, 06/22 at 21:30
Atlético MG vs Flamengo – Wednesday, 06/22 at 21:30

Remember the last match between the two teams.

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