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What is the value of Auxílio Brasil in July and when does it fall

What is the value of Auxílio Brasil in July? Many Brazilians benefiting from the program ask this question. The prediction was that the Auxílio Brasil in July was already worth R$600.00, considering the PEC (Proposed Amendment to the Constitution) which provides for the increase.

Auxílio Brasil is the feature that replaced the Bolsa Família program under President Jair Bolsonaro (PL). The minimum is currently R$400.00 per month, and the federal government is racing with time to expand the benefit in terms of values ​​and number of beneficiaries.

The government’s proposal is for Auxílio Brasil to reach a minimum of R$600.00 per month in the second half of the year. However, for the increase to take effect, the PEC (Proposed Amendment to the Constitution) must be voted on in Planalto.

Understand below the value of Auxílio Brasil in the month of July.

What is the value of Auxílio Brasil in July?

The federal government’s forecast was that the value of Auxílio Brasil in July would already be at least R$600.00. This is because since the end of June, President Jair Bolsonaro has already announced an increase in Auxílio Brasil.

However, the amount of Auxílio Brasil in July and the rest of 2022 depends on the PEC (Proposal for a Constitutional Amendment), which sets the expansion of assistance to R$600.00, and also creates diesel assistance for truck drivers, assistance for taxi drivers and doubles the Gas Valley.

The proposal has already been approved in the Senate on June 30 and has been referred to the Federal Chamber where it awaits a vote. A vote on the forecast was scheduled for the plenary in the first week of July, but a lack of quorum in the chamber session caused it to be postponed.

A presidential election commission that increases the value of Auxílio Brasil to R$600.00 must take place on July 12, three days before the parliamentary recess, according to information from Agência Câmara. It was on the agenda, but at the end of the plenary session, the ruling base had received only 303 votes, when 308 votes were needed to approve the proposed amendment to the Constitution.

Since the PEC vote has been postponed and the payment schedule for Auxílio Brasil is already operational, recipients will still receive R$400.00 in July. If the KPK passes the room, the payment of at least R$600.00 will begin in August.

What is the amount of aid in Brazil in the month of July
How much aid is in Brazil in July – Photo: publicity/box

When will the Auxílio Brasil 600 fee be paid?

Payment of R$600.00 from Auxílio Brasil must begin in August, if approved by a vote in the Federal Chamber. On July 7, the proposal to increase assistance in the Special Committee was approved, but it ended up not going to the plenary due to a lack of a quorum.

The Speaker of the House, Arthur Lyra (PP-AL) has postponed the vote to next July 12, before the House recess.

“I will not risk the PEC or the next,” Arthur Lira said before voting closes and work resumes next Tuesday, according to a publication by Agência Câmara de Notícias.

The President’s statement revolves around the General Election Commission setting a minimum nursing salary and the proposal creating an emergency until the end of the year to enable the expansion of social and economic benefits.

Understand that if an Auxílio Brasil of R$600 passes the room, the benefit will be paid in that amount until December 2022, when Jair Bolsonaro’s term ends. Auxílio Brasil continues as a social programme, but at the usual value of R$400.00.

In the last year of his term, the president approved the conversion bill, changing the floor of the Auxílio Brasil to 400 reais paid on a permanent basis. It is important to emphasize this project because when Auxílio Brasil was launched, the government’s proposal was to keep the interest up to 400 reais.

The installments will be paid in this amount throughout 2022, but in January 2023 the interest will drop to just over 200 riyals. However, the presidency made the word R$400 worth, that is, all people would get at least R$400 on a permanent basis.

Brazil’s R$60 Aid: Who Is Eligible?

When it is voted on by the Federal Chamber and if Auxílio Brasil is approved in the amount of R$600, all beneficiaries who have already received since the beginning of the program will be considered.

But the federal government’s expectation is that the same interest-increasing position will also “zero” on the waiting list, which means more people should be included in the assistance.

Brazil Aid R$60: Eligible are families registered with CadÚnico (Cadastro Único), the Federal Government’s database of social programs. In addition to the application, the benefit applicant must meet the criteria for a family living in extreme poverty or extreme poverty.

families that:

  • The monthly family income of the individual is up to R$105.00;
  • The monthly household income per capita ranges between R$105.01 and R$210.00.

That is, they are families coping with extreme poverty or poverty.

Remember that there is no way for a citizen to specifically register with Auxílio Brasil. All social benefits of the federal government use CadÚnico as a database.

As this is an expansion of entitlement, all families already receiving the benefit will be paid R$600 from Auxílio Brasil automatically.

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