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Weed, guns and a Jersey Girl | Opinion

Are you looking to ignite? Light up some ganga? There are plenty of options to try in New Jersey, from Wedding Cake to Sunset Sherbert to Motor Breath.

Given this, why on earth is Humberto Ramirez sitting in a prison cell for owning marijuana? Rob Mejia, An assistant professor at Stockton University and a regular contributor to NJ Cannabis Insider asks just this question.

Ramirez was arrested in 2019 and sentenced to a mandatory seven-year prison sentence in Middle Township just two weeks after cannabis became legal in the Garden State. This 48-year-old dad is languishing in prison even though tens of thousands are now spending millions of dollars every week on the factory. In the first month alone, $24 million worth of gray hair was sold, with the state of course receiving 6.6% of that cash.

This was by far the most popular opinion story this week. The next most read opinion story was about the Hopewell Valley Central High School graduate who is now known worldwide.

Last week, Cassidy Hutchinson testified before the House Select Committee on the January 6 attack that stunned former President Trump had a tantrum when adults told him he couldn’t go to the Capitol while the mob beat police officers and sought to slip. Rope around the neck of the cum penny. Nancy Kolasordo She says we just knew it was a jersey girl.

The third opinion story read related to guns. After the US conservative Supreme Court made it easier to obtain a carry permit, which could lead to an additional 200,000 guns in New Jersey, Our Editorial Board Thank you Governor Phil Murphy for coming to our rescue and helping to make us all safer in a gun-obsessed country. Now the legislature has to do some work on this front.

Here are some other compelling stories from last week’s Opinion section:

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Former President Donald Trump speaking at a rally

Columnist Paul Mulchin wrote that former President Trump’s best defense in a criminal trial is to say that he really believes in the bullshit he’s pushing.Kenneth Ferreira | Lincoln Journal Star via AP

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U.S. Army Major Julia Dale III received his Bachelor of Arts from Keene University in 1987. After receiving an honorable discharge from the Army, he joined the U.S. National Guard and served for 25 years before retiring in 2004. Newton police officers Stephen Kennedle and Garrett Armstrong separated their rifles , killing the 61-year-old veteran outside his home on July 4, 2021.

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FeliX DeJesus in Paterson Police custody

Will the Paterson City cops, who arrested Felix DeJesus in February, be disciplined? He has not been seen since the police dropped him since the police took him into custody. Police say they dropped him off in a park. Above screenshot from February 2, 2022 body camera footage of Patterson Police holding DeJesus.

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thumb inversion

Editorial cartoonist Drew Scheinman writes about the Jan. 6 selection committee hearing and testimony from White House aide Cassidy Hutchinson who said former President Trump had a long, coordinated tantrum that day, which nearly worked.

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Rep. Frank Balloni, D-6, helped draft the climate bill that Congress is considering and says the Supreme Court’s decision is deeply wrong. But he believes it will pass before the midterm elections, and Senator Joe Manchin will be on board.

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