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Vancouver Whitecaps vs Minnesota United match – best moments and score

In short, in the early hours of Saturday (9), it was Minnesota United had won Vancouver Whitecaps 3-1 in an MLS regular season game. The home team came ahead of the score, but took the turn within 15 minutes.

Whitecaps vs Minnesota – Best moments

First half: no goals

Definitely, it was the game’s first chance Minnesotaon the free kick, with Reynoso. Soon, it was the turn of white headswith dagum Poor finish in the hands of the goalkeeper.

The stage held few chances and all four goals remained for the second half. In injury time, kick Trap Almost opened registration for Minnesota.

The second half: the return and victory

Therefore, the home team was able to bypass the defensive barrier and open the scoring in the match. In the 66th minute, in a good team move, 45th shirt, fightI found the attacker the Fox On the baseline, which was exceeded only with the quality of the head Lucas Cavallini Marker. 1 x 0.

The equalizer came five minutes later, at 71. Reynoso Bidding organized, opened on the right and DJ Taylor Crossed for a left-footed shot Lawrence. 1 x 1. The visitors increased in the match and managed to turn the score, scoring two more goals.

In 84 minutes, the high pressure in the tag for mo resulted in the attacker’s quick robbery, Louis Amarilla. Shirt 9 single-handedly took the ball to the edge of the area and hit a kick from the right side. 2 x 1.

Certainly, three minutes later, in the 87th minute, the third goal came phragapani. team goalkeeper, Dinekicked forward and the ball went straight to the attacking court. Amarilla He rose to compete with the defenders, triumphed, and the ball was left for the shirt 7, who still dribbles the defender and plays the opposing archer. Final, 3×1.

Whitecaps vs Minnesota – What Now?

In short, with the win, the visiting team reached 27 points, fifth in the Western Conference. On the other hand, the Vancouver He has 24 points, ninth place, in the same championship category.

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