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Tsunoda’s error ‘affected three of four Red Bull cars’

Pierre Gasly says he gave his teammate Yuki Tsunoda more space than he thought before their collision at the British Grand Prix.

The AlphaTauri drivers battled on lap 11 at the corner of Silverstone Village. Tsunoda made a spin while trying to pass his teammate for seventh down the inner corner, hit Gasly and sent the pair spinning and dropping the rankings.

Tsunoda received a five-second penalty by the hosts and finished the race last, while Gasly was shown a black and orange warning flag for the damage he sustained in a collision that knocked him out of the race.

Gasly says his younger teammate should ensure he continues to dominate his car if his teammates find themselves racing on the track again in the future.

“I’m racing for the team and for myself,” Gasly said. “I fight for any position. He is my teammate. I fight my position.

“I gave him a lot of space – even more than I could have imagined. When I looked into the camera, there was more room than I thought. The funny thing is that it was said before the race, we can fight. And if we can fight, it means we can fight as long as we have control of the what we do.

“Unfortunately he lost control, he spin, and then when spinning he hit me.”

Tsunoda’s error was compounded by the fact that Red Bull’s top team Max Verstappen collected some debris that badly affected his car’s handling and cost him the win.

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“It had a very bad impact because it affected three of the four Red Bulls,” Gasly said. “So it wasn’t perfect. But like I said, there are mistakes.”

Despite the engagement, Gasly says he’ll be able to trust Tsunoda if he finds himself fighting against him in the future.

“I mean, I have to trust him – we’re Formula One drivers, so we know what we’re doing inside the car,” he said in response to a question from RaceFans.

“Like I said, I think it’s good to race hard. When it’s on your teammate, I think you should just be careful with the 1% extra so you don’t have such a big result.

Gasly pointed to the intense fights we see between his other teammates on the grid – alpine drivers Fernando Alonso and Esteban Ocon and the fight for the lead between Carlos Sainz Jr and Charles Leclerc at Silverstone – as examples of how his teammates can and should race. each other.

“You see Ocon and Alonso fighting more than ever between each other, Carlos and Charles fighting each other really well too,” Gasly continued.

“I think that should happen as long as it doesn’t affect your entire race performance. We were just fighting for two corners – I think that’s fine. If it’s a 10-lap fight and you ruin your tires, it’s a bit ridiculous. I think you should be able to Fight, but as long as you don’t eliminate each other.”

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