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Throw the book at grads who vandalize schools | Letters

Regarding the editorial, “This is the graduation of our displeasure,” I’m not surprised by the behavior of recent graduates from Haddonfield High School, supposedly one of the best public high schools in New Jersey. (They are accused of vandalizing the school playground after the match started.)

Of course, I compare this to my children, both of whom had secondary educations from Jesuits who demanded an outstanding performance. There was no time for “acting” – and if you did, you were sent to public school.

I have taught public schools in Jersey City for 37 years. I know how some students who don’t care and act this way feel. Fathers also play a huge role, and it seems like parenting somehow didn’t happen in cases like Haddonfield. Parents must be held responsible for any damages incurred, and there must be a record of such damages associated with the former students involved.

When graduating students behave in the manner described, you simply have to set a precedent. I think they should all be charged with vandalism, and if found guilty, they should be required to do some public work of sweeping the streets and cleaning up the city as punishment. All of them should be photographed while they perform these tasks, and the photos should be posted for all to see.

Those who have given so much are required to take responsibility. After five years of good behavior, their records should be wiped clean. If they refuse to do any of the proposed business, they must spend time in prison in addition to paying their parents for damages.

JK Omak, Cape May

Despite the groans of leftists, the Supreme Court gets it right

The political left has worked its way so many times over the past 50 years that it has developed a deep sense of entitlement. Therefore, when things do not go their way, they loudly declare a “threat to democracy.” This is ironic for those who embraced socialism which is itself the antithesis of democracy.

The left accuses the current US Supreme Court of being “illegitimate” or “corrupt” because the majority of justices are doing their prescribed duty to “support, uphold, and defend the Constitution of the United States”. They dare to apply a constitutional standard to laws – by job description – rather than legislation from the judiciary and invent “rights”.

Regarding gun rights, the Second Amendment expressly recognizes “the right of the people to keep and bear arms,” ​​so the Court struck down laws that clearly violated this constitutional right.

As for abortion, neither the constitution nor any of the amendments makes any mention of the right to “body autonomy,” “reproductive freedom,” or any other pro-abortion buzzwords. Therefore, the majority of the court overturned Roe’s opinion of Wade by citing the Tenth Amendment, which clearly states that any power or authority not specifically granted by the Constitution to the federal government is “reserved to the states.”

In limiting the EPA’s authority to reduce pollution from power plants, the court shocked the regulations’ excesses. This ruling returned oversight to Congress where it belonged, rather than leaving it in the hands of unelected, unaccountable bureaucrats beholden only to the president who appointed them.

The left refuses to blame the escalation of violent crime and civil unrest for their “Defend the Police” movement and progressive prosecutors’ refusal to prosecute “low-level” crimes. But blaming others for their failures has always been a feature of the left.

Michael S. Wilbur, Michelton

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