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The result of the match Atlanta United and Austin

This Saturday (9), Atlanta United vs Austin F.C They faced each other in a game fit for MLS 2022. Take advantage of discount mistakes Austin He came out victorious by 3 x 0.

Watch the best moments of the Atlanta United and Austin FC match

First Half: Austin attacks and defends brilliantly

a Atlanta I started well, and managed to squeeze really well in the first few minutes. in 2′, Wiley He had a good chance, but upon attempting a shot, he ended up being isolated. But, even with the home team’s good start, the one who opened the scoring was Austin. at 8′, finlay Charged on the right and crossed into the Brazilian Philip, which went very well to put visitors in the foreground. a Austin It improved from there, with more calm to attack. Up to 16 degrees, in a movement from the left, fagondies crossed the area. The ball passed between everyone but when it arrived Wileyside Atlanta pierced and delivered to the feet finlaywho did not have much work to expand the result to Austin.

a Atlanta He was not shaken and went on the offensive to get the tie. However, the team showed serious problems at first. With reference Martinez Canceled by Defense of AustinHey Atlanta Literally could not finish his movements. The team pressed, but her shot on goal was rare. The ball almost punished the home team in the 34th minute when it was Austin He made a good counterattack and scored the goal Philip, repeatedly. But, the assistant referee indicated offside. Even with visitors retreating, Atlanta Failed to register. To give you an idea, the only successful transmission was a weak header from Martinez at 49′.

The second half: Atlanta United tries, but suffers in defense and is defeated

The second half started the same way the first half started. a Atlanta He started better and moved on, but Austin scored a goal. at 56, Urruti He entered the area and filled his foot but the ball was on the crossbar. However, whoever was on the rebound was neither more nor less than a scorer. Sebastian Driosi, and was not lost. a Atlanta They continued in an offensive position and in front they started to improve, with Luiz Araujo And the Martinez The goalkeeper does you will save Work harder than the first time. However, the problem this time was the defense, which was very insecure and gave freedom to climb Austin. Another highlight was 77′, when Drusi It ended up missing a good opportunity after launch Nick Lima.

In the end, the outlook for the match did not change. a Atlanta Compressed, but ineffective, while Austin He defended very well, nullifying the home team’s main attackers. Highlighting the outstanding performance of the defender Gabrielsen. So, the game is over with 3 x 0 for Austin.


Atlanta United vs Austin FC – What now?

With the victory, the Austin It hits 37 points and continues to touch the top of the Western Conference. On the other hand, the Atlanta United He continues with 20 points and starts worrying about a fan who dreams of a place in the G-7 in the Eastern Conference.

a Atlanta United Returns to the field on Wednesday (13) against real salt lake. Already Austin Plays on Tuesday (12) against Houston Dynamo.

Featured Image: Publicity / Austin FC

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