The Ministry of Justice blocks more than 700 illegal websites and applications

An investigation conducted by the Ministry of Justice and Public Security in partnership with the civil police in 11 states resulted in the blocking of more than 700 illegal websites and applications, in addition to the arrest of 10 people.

The investigation is part of the fourth edition of “Operation 404” that fights digital piracy. According to the Ministry of Justice, investigators seized the CCTV signal and accused it of transmitting it to subscribers of illegal services.

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It is estimated that the group caused damages of R$366 million annually. 266 pirated websites and 461 streaming apps have been blocked, as well as fake social media profiles and pages.

Among the blocked gates are six from the United States and 53 from the United Kingdom. There is still an injunction in the metaverse, with criminals creating maps and events to attract people interested in the video platforms.

The coordinator of the Cyber ​​Operations Laboratory of the Secretariat for Integrated Operations (Seopi), Alessandro Barreto, explained that the operation was focused on music applications.

About 65% of the blocked apps kept the personal information of the users. According to Barreto, devices on which music was downloaded received malware that captures bank transaction data, among other things.

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The operation was carried out in partnership with the embassies of the United States and the United Kingdom, and in Brazil, it served a mandate in the following countries:

  • Alagoas.
  • Bahia.
  • Holy Spirit;
  • Goias.
  • Minas Gerais
  • Matthew Grosso
  • for ;
  • Pernambuco.
  • Rio de Janeiro;
  • Rio Grande do Sul;
  • Sao Paulo.

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