The Longest Night Netflix Release Date Set for July 8; Teaser Trailer for Thriller Jailbreak Series Revealed

The Longest Night, Netflix’s upcoming thriller series, now has a release date — July 8 — and its first teaser trailer, courtesy of the streaming service. Set in a psychiatric prison, this upcoming six-episode crime thriller series revolves around the attempt to crack a notorious serial killer on Christmas Eve. As with the Netflix series, all episodes are expected to drop on the same date. The new series comes to the streaming service five seasons after another popular Spanish language show, La casa de papel – better known as Money Heist.

The first trailer for The Longest Night – or La noche más larga – was shared by Netflix on Monday. The series takes place in Monte Baruca, a psychiatric prison that houses serial killer Simón Lago (Luis Callejo). On December 24, armed men surrounded the prison and cut off all communication with the outside to break Lago. However, they will have to confront the prison director Hugo (Alberto Amman), who chooses to resist the militants.

The Longest Night teaser trailer opens to the sound of a sliding prison cell door as the prisoner looks at the clock, followed by LED text that reads “One Night,” followed by a timer that begins an eight-hour countdown. While Netflix has not provided details, it appears that the series will focus on the events of one night. The trailer quickly turns into a four-character split view, followed by the script “One Prison” and more character views as the lights suddenly dim. “It is forbidden to escape,” the text reads on the screen.

The fast-paced trailer suddenly turns into four new scenes appearing simultaneously on the screen – people fighting while on fire, a man violently hitting an unknown object or person, another being carried away while screaming, and a shot of two police vehicles speeding with their emergency lights. Caligou, the serial killer, appears again in prison, saying the first (and only) words heard in the trailer: “It’s going to be a long night, Hugo,” while the latter turns away. Meanwhile, the caption to the YouTube video reads: The countdown has already begun and chaos is about to erupt in Monte Baroca prison.

The Longest Night is directed by Oscar Pedraza (Sky Rojo, Tierra de Lobos), while The Longest Night cast members have previously appeared on other Netflix shows. Among them are Alberto Ammann (Narcos, Narcos: Mexico), Leos Callejo (Below Zero, Resin), and Jose Luis García Pérez (In from the cold, buried). The cast also includes Fran Berenger (Air Kisses, Cover), David Solans (Merley, Son of Cain), and Maria Caballero (Ministry of Time, Parrott).

All six episodes of The Longest Night will be released on July 8 on Netflix and will be available to stream in India and around the world.

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