Sony Fixes PlayStation Plus ‘Technical Error’ Causing Overcharged Subscriptions to Existing Users

Sony announced Thursday that it has fixed a “technical bug” that caused users to pay more than expected for upgrading to one of the new PlayStation Plus levels. The issue surfaced shortly after the new PlayStation Plus service tiers were rolled out in select Asian markets earlier this week. Some users have complained that they had to pay an additional fee to upgrade to any of the new levels if they had previously purchased PlayStation Plus at a discount.

Official PlayStation Support Twitter account announce Fixed an issue where users were charging incorrectly for upgrading from a previously purchased PlayStation Plus membership. Sony called it a bug and said that overpriced players will get credit.

Some users who were subscribing to new PlayStation Plus tiers in Asia reported an overcharging issue. In a particular case in Hong Kong, a PlayStation customer service official allegedly asked the user to pay an additional amount to make up the difference between the standard price and the discount they had previously received before moving to the basic or premium level of the service.

New PlayStation Plus categories arrived in Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan and Thailand as part of its initial global rollout earlier this week. The update is primarily aimed at making PlayStation Plus a stronger contender against Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass and helping Sony generate more revenue. It also comes as a integration between PlayStation Plus and PlayStation Now in the markets where the latter is available.

Prior to the launch of the new levels, Sony restricted users from hoarding PlayStation Plus subscriptions. It was a strategic move to push people to new levels. However, some users still have an existing PlayStation Plus or PlayStation Now subscription who have started upgrading to – or are planning to upgrade to – one of the new levels. Sony also shared a file Schedule To provide easy visibility into how users can move their current subscription to a new PlayStation Plus tier.

In addition to the incorrectly charged subscription, which has now been fixed, some early subscribers to the new PlayStation Plus tiers have reported that there are fewer titles than initially teased. Sony has not yet addressed this concern.

The revamped PlayStation Plus with the new levels will launch in markets including India, Europe, Japan and the United States in June.

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