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Sonic Frontiers showcases ‘traditional, fast-paced’ cyberspace levels in new trailer

First impressions of Sonic Frontiers were mixed, it’s fair to say – but Sega is going ahead anyway, now offering a look at the game’s Cyber ​​Space demo, where more “traditional, fast” Sonic stages can be found.

Discover via Nintendo Direct Busy today Cyber ​​Space is a mysterious digital world that can be accessed by revealing ancient portals around the Starfall Islands – a group of landmass that includes Kronos Island, the lush region seen in Sonic Frontiers’ Dividing the First Trailer.

To unlock the entrances to Cyber ​​Space, players will first need to earn Portal Gears by solving puzzles and completing challenges on the “Open Area” map. Once in cyberspace, they can try their luck on “traditional fast-paced, fast-paced action platforms” – linear stages that go more in line with classic sonic action – earning the Vault keys needed to advance further.

Sonic Frontiers – Nintendo Direct Mini: Partner Show.

In addition to the video revealed today, Sega has provided an update to some of the other new Frontiers features, including “Cyloop,” a new Sonic-learned skill that creates a scope of light that reflects its tracks. This can be used to trap enemies, items and areas with different effects and will help reveal more secrets of the Starfall Islands.

Sega also talked a bit more about some of the Frontiers’ enemies and bosses, including Solider (who appears in groups and attacks with stabbing blows), The Floating Cyclone, The Wheel-shaped Banger, Electrically Charged Bubble, and Shell., which, as its name suggests, Protected by a hard shell – it can only be hacked with a Cyloop.

Meanwhile, bosses include the lightning-fast ninja, the tower made of stacked blocks, and the weak on his head. There is also the Asura which looks like a tall building.

Sonic Frontiers is set for release in “Holiday 2022” on PlayStation 5, PS4, Switch, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, and PC.

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