Sisters take the stage with hope for two titles as Miss New Jersey competitions begin

Dozens of young women in Atlantic City this week have one thing in common – they’re vying for the title and title. But the two of them share a different kind of bond – they are sisters.

This year, Amanda and Alyssa Peacock will compete in the same city, on the same stage in the same week in hopes of winning each other’s titles — Amanda as Miss New Jersey and Alyssa as Teen Miss New Jersey.

The Peacock Sisters have been together on this journey before. In the past, they both held titles within the Miss New Jersey organization and competed on separate stages months apart and contended for their goal.

But this year, the competition will all take place in the same week at the Superstar Theater inside the Resorts Casino hotel.

Amanda, who holds the title of Miss South Jersey, will compete against 27 other women in the preliminary rounds on Wednesday and Thursday with the final night of Miss New Jersey two days later on Saturday. The only night you decide who will be the Miss Eastern Shore Teen Superstar is Friday when Alyssa – the Miss Eastern Shore Teen – has her time to shine as she competes against 22 other young women.

“It feels different. I’m excited,” said Amanda, 22, sitting at a table with her 17-year-old sister in her parents’ backyard in Williamstown. They each had their respectful white sashes and crowns as they talked about what it means to be sisters in an organization that taught them to be strong and confident role models.

Amanda and Alyssa Peacock

Miss South Jersey Amanda Peacock, 22, left, and her sister, Miss Eastern Shore teen Alyssa, 17, watch Milo, 9, run in the front yard of their home in Williamstown, Tuesday, June 14, 2022.Tim Hawk | NJ Advance Media for

Amanda arrived in Atlantic City on Monday to begin her quest to be Miss New Jersey. This will be the third time she has competed for this elusive title and will face 27 other women looking for the same thing.

She started with the Miss New Jersey Organization when she was 14 and first competed for the Miss New Jersey Organization when she was 18. At that time, the competition was held at Music Pier in Ocean City.

The 2021 Montclair State University graduate, who works at the Reno winery as part of the programming team, is aiming for the moon but would be happy if she was named as the top 10 finalist. With that comes scholarship money to help with student loans.

“If I’m supposed to be Miss New Jersey, it’s all supposed to be in God’s timing.”

Its social impact statement distracts driving as people have learned that getting distracted behind the wheel is more than just texting, it includes eating, driving under the influence of drugs and alcohol and taking too long to change the radio.

“A lot of people think they are invincible. It won’t happen to them.”

She has met families who have lost loved ones to distracted driving and works privately with the Toni Donato Bolis & Baby RJ Foundation in Washington Township.

The foundation was set up after Toni, who was nine months pregnant, and her unborn child, RJ, were killed in 2011 in a car accident caused by a distracted driver.

“My goal as Miss New Jersey is to tighten the laws and make them a little stricter so that we can hold people accountable.”

For her talent, she will sing the song “My Man” from the movie Funny Girl.

But when explaining how she chose her song, Amanda wasted no time in pointing out that her younger sister is talented and “more cool” than her.

“I would consider myself a respected singer. She’s talented all around,” Amanda said, jokingly adding, “She can sing, dance, play ukulele and guitar all at once.”

Alyssa did not differ with her sister.

Amanda and Alyssa Peacock

Miss South Jersey Amanda Peacock, 22, left, and her sister Miss Eastern Shore teen Alyssa, 17, will be together in Atlantic City to compete for two separate titles, Tuesday, June 14, 2022. Amanda will compete for Miss New Jersey while Alyssa will compete for two separate titles. On the Miss New Jersey Outstanding Teen Contest.Tim Hawk | NJ Advance Media for

She credits Amanda with introducing her to competitions when she was competing on the teen show, and eventually followed in her footsteps.

“To me, they seemed to me very funny, and it brought them such brotherhood and a wonderful experience of interviewing and questions on stage and gave me a sense of confidence,” said Alyssa, who started the competition when she was thirteen.

After failing several attempts to win a domestic title, she changed her mindset, realizing that “it’s not about the crown, it’s not about winning, it’s just about the experience”.

She won her first title, which she held during the pandemic, and departed for Atlantic City on Wednesday as a gorgeous teen to Miss Eastern Shore for her second attempt at the top spot.

Her social impact initiative is PAWS for a Cause: Adopt Don’t Shop which is fitting because two of the three dogs her family adopted are chasing each other around the table where she was sitting.

“I just got to see how many dogs, cats and other animals are in the shelters and need loving homes,” said Alyssa, who visited a shelter earlier in the day.

This fall she will be a student at the Gloucester County Institute of Technology where she is studying performing arts. For the talented part of the competition, she will sing “Corner of the Sky” from the musical Pippin.

“We’re ready,” they both said at the same time as they talked about their trip to Atlantic City.

Amanda and Alyssa Peacock

Sisters Amanda Peacock, 22, and Alyssa, 17, will compete for separate Miss Universe titles.Richard Krause

Although they won’t have many opportunities to see each other during the week, they will be in the audience cheering for each other and looking for that link of support whether it’s a wink, nod, or smile – something they’ve done many times before.

“Whenever Amanda sings I get goosebumps. Just the way her voice resonates with me,” Alyssa said.

For Amanda, seeing this “beautiful young woman” in front of her on stage showing off the confidence she gained by joining the Miss New Jersey organization is something that resonates with her.

“I am so proud. I mean I got goosebumps too. She is a beautiful singer. But for me, watching my younger sister grow up is even more.”

Also among the audience will be their biggest admirers, their parents.

“I would like to see both of them at least top the top ten,” said their mother, Jane.

They both agree that the reason the competition continues year after year is to make an impact in the community and leave a legacy. It is not about them but rather what they can do for others.

And being around like-minded women with similar goals doesn’t hurt either.

“We were brought up to always give back to others, in whatever capacity we can. This is the perfect way to do it,” Amanda said.

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