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saudi arabia

Saudia Arabia

Saudia Arabia

Traditions of Saudi Arabia

  • Language


    Arabic is the official language of Saudi Arabia and the primary language used in all dealings and public transactions. English serves as an informal second language in the Kingdom and is spoken by a large section of its society. All road signs are bilingual, showing information in both Arabic and English.

  • Culture


    Saudi Arabia’s rich heritage and traditions have been shaped by its position as a historic trade hub and the birthplace of Islam. In recent years, the Kingdom has undergone a significant cultural transformation, evolving centuy-old customs to fit the contemporary world we live in today.

Climate & Seasons

    • Spring

      Mid-March to Mid-June


      Spring in Saudi Arabia can be brisk, particularly in the north, where the temperature at night can drop below 15 degrees C. The central and southern regions are warmer, averaging around 20 degrees after nightfall. Rainfall is at its highest during spring, particularly in the central region and in the southwest over the Asir Mountains.


      Don’t forget to pack layers — like light sweaters, scarves or pashminas — plus a rain jacket and sunglasses.

    • Summer
    • Autumn
    • Winter

Currency & Payments

  • Exchange and transactions

    Exchange and transactions

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