Samsung will start producing 3nm chips next week

In the next few days, Samsung is expected to announce that it is ready to manufacture 3nm chips on a large scale. The announcement will mean that the Korean company outperformed TSMC in the process of developing the 3nm chipset by a few months.

According to previous reports, Samsung is developing a new Exynos chip for the upcoming Galaxy S23 line. The chip should be called Exynos 2300, and its manufacture includes a 3nm GAA (Gate-All-Around) process. Through this process, Samsung can achieve a 45% reduction in space, a 30% increase in performance, and a 50% reduction in power consumption of the chips.

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This year, Samsung invested $355 billion to strengthen its chip manufacturing capabilities and bridge the gap between the company and processor market leader TSMC.

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Samsung also aims to become a supplier of Apple M2 3nm chips. But according to industry reports, the company’s role may be limited to providing full-chip spherical lattice array (FC-BGA) substrates to manufacture the M2 SoC, rather than manufacturing the Apple chip in its own GAA process.

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