Samsung fined in Australia for false advertising

The Australian Federal Court has ordered Samsung to pay a fine of US$9.7 million for false advertising. The reported ads ran between March 2016 and October 2018 and said some of the company’s mobile phones could be used in pools and beaches.

However, Samsung’s website advises against using this type of device. The problem was with the Galaxy A series, S7 series, and S8 series. The devices are IP68 rated, which means they can be completely submerged in water for a certain period of time.

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In this case, up to 30 minutes immersed at a depth of 1.5 meters. However, this protection is given only to fresh water, that is, salt water and chlorinated water are two completely different things.

The case against Samsung was opened by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC, its English acronym) in 2019. According to the body’s chairperson, Gina Kass Gottlieb, several complaints from owners of said cell phones were analyzed.

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Consumers reported that their cell phones malfunctioned or stopped working completely after being exposed to water. Apparently, the problem occurred after the charger inlet relied on sea or pool water.

Galaxy Watch 4 will monitor heart patients at InCor in São Paulo (SP)

Samsung, along with Instituto do Coração of Hospital das Clínicas, University of São Paulo School of Medicine (InCor), has announced a partnership for the Galaxy Watch 4 to be present in a remote monitoring project for patients who have undergone heart surgery.

This type of remote monitoring is part of the features already in the smartwatch, such as logging steps taken, heart rate, oxygen saturation in the blood and even the patient’s blood pressure. Data collection is part of the preoperative period as well as the postoperative period.

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