Running out of excuses for mass shootings | Sheneman - world cultures

Running out of excuses for mass shootings | Sheneman


common sense.

Being exposed to a high-powered rifle at a parade celebrating our nation’s independence was certainly not what the framers had in mind. The troubled young man with a history of violent threats and confiscated weapons is not a well-organized militia. Another day in America, another mass shooting.

It’s hard to write and draw cartoons about the mass shooting epidemic in our country, mainly because it keeps happening and we know the cause for sure. It’s the guns. Guns have always been. It’s not video games, mental health, ubiquitous doors, or – as Tucker Carlson hypothesized this week – lectures on feminism that make boys feel bad. It’s guns. It’s easy access to weapons of war that are useless other than making a giant hole in anything they shoot at.

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