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Rudy Gobert traded with the Minnesota Timberwolves

The period allowed for the exchange of players in NBA It began on the last Thursday of June (30). However, since before that period, the name Rudy Goubert It has already been speculated in several teams. The position that his relationship with his teammates was unstable Utah JazzFinally, he was awarded a new franchise to continue his career.

According to the journalist and NBA trainee Adrian VojnarowskiHey Minnesota Timberwolves Sent to the Jazz for four first-round draft picks for the French, Owner BeasleyAnd the Patrick BeverlyAnd the Jared VanderbiltAnd the Leandro Bolmaro A new formulation by the franchise Walker Kessler.

Rudi Gobert deal details

First, let’s talk about what the Utah Jazz took for giving away one of their best players. The team had four picks in the first round in the draft. In addition, they added Paisley’s owner, a young goalkeeper, and Patrick Beverly, an already veteran, to the team. Jared Vanderbilt is a gymnast who could evolve in Rudi Gobert’s place on the team. More so, the Jazz team acquired interesting Argentine Leandro Bolmaro, and Walker Kessler, the position drafted by the Timberwolves this year.

In short, as Utah is a team looking to rebuild itself around Donovan Mitchell, its only star at the moment, this exchange has been very beneficial for the team to reach its goal. With multiple draft picks and youngsters with a lot to offer, Jazz has a team full of potential.

Minnesota has already opened the coffers and decided to bet once and for all on the great men. Collect my salary, Rudy and Cities of Karl Anthony, another excellent position for the team, will pay the Wolves about $463 million over the next few years for the duo. On the other hand, the team is optimistic about the acquisition of Joubert and wants to see the results slip out of the hands of the three-time Defender of the Year named Defender of the Year. In this way, the team’s lead will certainly be one of the places the NBA is most afraid of.

The final balance

There is no doubt that the two teams got what they wanted through this exchange. The Timberwolves brought the duo to Towns. On the other hand, jazz brought a possible new beginning to the team. Next season will tell us what will happen to the teams and how the newcomers will fit into the new game systems.

Photo: Twitter NBA/David Locke

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