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Rigoni in MLS? Sao Paulo receives the poll from the Argentine

In Brazilian football, one of the news that has been circulating recently is about be pee. More specifically, about the exit of the potential attacker Emiliano Rigoni From Tricolor Paulista. The talk of the moment is that the club has received a survey of a 29-year-old player from a club MLS.

Rigoni Pass through Sao Paulo

The Argentine arrived in Sao Paulo at the start of the 2021 Brazil Championships and immediately won the crowd. By order of Hernan CrespoAnd the regone He had the best moments of his career since leaving does not depend on In 2017. Playing in a more advanced position than usual, the 77th shirt at that time scored 11 goals and contributed six assists in 38 matches, and was the highlight of Sao Paulo who fought at the bottom of the table. His performance started to falter towards the end of the season, but this can be explained by the muscle injuries the striker sustained during the season.

Anyway, he’s 100% recovered and now with Number 7 still on his back, expectations were high regone Until 2022. However, under the new leadership Rogerio CiniThe Argentine lost a lot of income. Currently running out of space, many times he hasn’t left the bank. regone He has two goals and three assists in 31 matches in 2022.

Rigoni in MLS

It is not the first time this has been done regone . is contacted MLS. In 2019, while playing Atalantafrom Italy, the attacker has been investigated by Atlanta United. In fact, several sources at the time indicated that the team had a “strong interest” in the player’s presence. But it was just rumours. After all, no negotiations were opened.

Narrated by André Hernan and confirmed by other sources, regone Actually from the polls MLS. However, the club has not yet been revealed. Still thinking about Sao Paulo’s financial problems and not having minutes that regone He suffers, the sale could be in the plans. The expectation is that an official proposal will arrive in the next few days, and if that happens, the Argentine will likely say goodbye Tricolor Paulista.

Featured Image: Publicity / São Paulo FC

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