Redmi Note 11T Pro Series Tipped to Debut as Redmi K50i Series in India, Poco X4 GT Series Globally

The Redmi Note 11T Pro+ and Redmi Note 11T Pro were launched earlier this week in China. Speculation is now spreading about the launch of these two smartphones under different names in India, and globally. A guide claims that the Redmi Note 11T Pro will debut in India as the Redmi K50i, and the Pro + model will be launched as the Redmi K50i Pro. The company goes on to claim that the phones will launch globally as the Poco X4 GT and Poco X4 GT Pro, respectively.

Kasper Skrzybeck Tester chirp Codenames for Redmi Note 11T Pro + and Redmi Note 11T Pro shortly after their launch in China. Although the company does not explicitly mention that the phones will be launched in other markets as new versions, the tweet also contains the codenames of the Redmi K50i and Redmi K50i Pro as well as the Poco X4 GT and Poco X4 GT Pro. From the codenames hinted at in the tweet, it is believed that phones may cross the border under different nicknames.

Skrzypek says that the Redmi Note 11T Pro+ has the codename ‘xagapro’, while the Redmi Note 11T Pro is codenamed ‘xaga’. These codenames will be the same for the Poco X4 GT Pro and Poco X4 GT, respectively, he claims. Moreover, it is noted that the alleged Redmi K50i Pro will have the codename “xagainpro”, while the Redmi K50i will be codenamed “xagain”. The “in” in both code names is supposed to refer to the models that will be launched in India.

The guide also says that unlike the Redmi Note 11T Pro+, which carries a 64MP ISOCELL GW1 primary sensor, its Indian (Redmi K50i Pro) and global (Poco X4 GT Pro) versions will carry 108MP primary sensors. Poco X4 GT and Redmi K50i are supposed to carry 64MP sensors. It is worth noting that Xiaomi has not disclosed any information about it. However, it was previously reported that the new phones will debut in some markets with the Poco brand.

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