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Re-signing Kevin Looney was a priority for the Warriors

a week after free agencyit is an understatement to say that the Warriors Quiet in the market. For now, they are only recruiting Donte DiVincenzo (Kings) and rookie Patrick Baldwin Jr. Meanwhile, four of their players (Gary Payton II, Otto Porter Jr, Damion Lee and Nemanja Bjelica) left, weakening Steve Kerr’s turnover somewhat. .

On the other hand, the title holders managed to re-sign kevon looney for another three years. It was no small feat, however, when you remember he was one of the most coveted hubs of the Offseason, but a bid of around $26 million convinced him to extend the adventure to Golden. State.

To the delight of Joe Lacope, majority owner at “Dubs”.

It was our priority, honestly “He admits to getting started.” He’s one of us, and we felt we had to bring him back. Indeed, he did a great job. Then he is in the category of players who are there [depuis longtemps], seven years now. He’s one of the most loyal players in the league right now, and people don’t stay in a team long these days. »

With double pair Kevon Looney – James Wiseman, the Warriors now appear armed enough in fifth to double the target. Provided, of course, that the second option for the 2020 draft can finally be played without physical errors…

With the return of James Wiseman, [le poste de pivot] Looks great Joe Lacob adds. ” We’re so excited, but you can’t have just one hub. And until James plays again, I don’t think we can start the season without him [Kevon] weird. »

unfortunate but logical

so it free agency Completely mixed delivered by “Dubs”, she is able to re-sign her priority Kevon Looney, but unable to extend Gary Payton II, Otto Porter Jr, Damion Lee and others from Nemanja Bjelica.

I wasn’t entirely optimistic when the free agency opened that we could keep all these people. “It acknowledges Lacobe’s realistic atmosphere.” We thought we could keep one or two, but it just didn’t happen that way. It was worse than we expected… »

Apparently it was the departure of Gary Payton II and Otto Porter Jr. who embraced the great president of Golden State.

With Gary Payton II having such a great year, it was very unlikely that we would be able to re-sign him if he received a big offer, no matter how much we liked him. ‘, he says at first. And we love her very much. But he got a bigger show than we could have imagined. Much larger. And I’m not saying that he doesn’t deserve it or that he doesn’t deserve it. But it was a big show and we just couldn’t stand it. »

Then Joe Lacobe brought up the Otto Porter Jr case: ” He also had a great season with us. I’m also not saying that he doesn’t deserve what he got, because he deserves it. But if he got such an offer, we knew it would be a problem. And that’s what happened. Somehow these players played well, they turned out to be more valuable [qu’imaginé] We made it more valuable [que jamais]. Unfortunately, in such a case, they have to move on and we have to bring the other players back. »

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