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Rafael dos Anjos vs Rafael Fiziev – Tip, Guess and Predict – 07/09 – UFC Vegas 58

paying off Advice, hunch and guess to duel between Rafael dos Anjos vs. Rafael Vizievvalid for Lightweight (up to 70 kg) from UFC. The battle will be fight Main From UFC Vegas 58. The event will take place on Saturday (09), from 19:00 (Brasilia time) and will be held at UFC Apex in Las Vegas, NevadaAnd the United State.

Fight Score – Rafael dos Anjos – V1

in the area, Rafael dos Anjos He is a 37-year-old athlete, with a lot of experience, who wants to continue his journey to regain the belt in this category. Comes from victory over Renato Moikanoin March of this year, supported by the good result.

He is a very strong fighter, he has strong hands and a very effective one-on-one game. He’s got a lot of experience, and he’s used to going five rounds. She has great potential in wrestling, exactly the opponent’s weak point.

thus, of the angels He’s an underdog on Saturday, but he has the right weapons to neutralize an opponent’s game and score an important division victory.

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Method – Technical Decision or Decision – V1

Without a doubt, it will be a very even battle. Rafael dos Anjos He is a very strong wrestling fighter, and manages to change his playing style very well. In no case can you become a constant target in front of your opponent, so you should experiment with removals and deceptions.

Thus, the Brazilian showed that he is complete, and has very good ground control. The last two victories were by decision, and six of the last eight fights were by the end of the fifth round.

Therefore, because of the match between the fighters, we believe in a victory East Germany decision of the judges. However, it will be a very balanced fight.

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Last of all rounds – yes

Finally, as mentioned above, Rafael dos Anjos He is a very consistent fighter with a varied playing style. Your biggest chance is to slow down the fight and take the fight back to Earth, as you did against it Renato Moikano.

Physio He is a very strong fighter, but he has never faced an opponent of his caliber East Germany. Therefore, the player in the red corner must control the fight and pull it to a five-round decision.

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Top tips and betting tips for Rafael dos Anjos vs Rafael Fiziev

First of all, it will be a very exciting battle for her Lightweight in main battle From UFC Vegas 58. On the one hand, we have Rafael dos AnjosAnd the An experienced athlete looking for another significant victory in the division.

On the other hand, we have Rafael Viziev, tenth of the order. At 29, he’s going through his best phase in the organization, with five straight wins. Whoever wins will definitely have a good chance at the sequel.

Rafael dos Anjos

First, in the red corner, we’ll have Rafael dos Anjosformer champion in UFC. At 37 years old, the natural athlete from Niteroi, Rio de Janeiro, has 31 wins and 13 losses. He’s been in the world’s biggest MMA organization since 2008, having fought 31 fights since then. No wonder it ranks seventh in this category.

thusGerman Democratic Republic He is a complete fighter, very physically into a stand-up fight and has great skills on the ground. In all, he won 16 fights by decision and ten by submission, as well as five by knockout. Experienced in division, won big names like Anthony Pettis, Nate Diaz And the Donald Cerrone.

This Saturday, you will have a very complicated task. He will probably repeat his usual strategy, where he must seek to control the distance in the fight on the ground and beat the opponent in the five rounds, because he is more experienced and technical in this regard.

Rafael Viziev

On the other hand, in the blue corner, you will fight Rafael Viziev. At 29, the athlete from KazakhstanHe has only 11 wins and one loss. it is in UFC Since 2019, he has conducted six fights in that period.

And so, he stepped into the octagon for the last time in December last year, when he won Brad Riddell Knockout. Before, had hit Bobby Green by decision. His good standing in the organization is in the top ten in this category.

With a preference for perpetual combat, Physio He is a very strong athlete. The vast majority of his victories were by knockout, being an excellent striker. He won his last five fights.

Therefore, the “ataman” He is a very dangerous fighter. His fight proposition is clear, and it’s likely that he’ll try to keep the fight on his feet, starting early in search of the slam dunk. Your best chances are in the beginning, as you still have enough gas to keep the level high.

Betting tips for Rafael dos Anjos vs Rafael Viziev

All in all, it will be a good fight. East Germany More complete, he has a very interesting size, and he wants to return to the top of the 70 kg category. He is coming from a crushing victory, and he wants to use his experience to achieve a new victory.

However, on the other side, there will be an athlete who will also have many qualities. Physio He is a strong athlete and comes packed with a good sequence of results. It will be an equal fight.

Where will UFC Vegas 58 be held?

In this way, the file UFC Vegas 58 that happens In the UFC Apex, in Las vigasNevadaAnd the United State.

What time does UFC Vegas 58 start?

Therefore, the Initial battles Scheduled to start on 7 pm (Brasilia time), while main card Scheduled to start on 11 pm (Brazil time).

What will be the main event of UFC Vegas 58?

In the main battle, we will have, therefore, the confrontation between Rafael dos Anjos vs. Rafael Viziev, valid by Lightweight.

How many Brazilians will attend the event?

So, Rafael dos Anjos and Cayo Boralo And the Douglas Silva de Andrade Brazilians will be present at the event.

Where will UFC Vegas 58 be broadcast?

Finally, the full broadcast of the event will be from fighting channel.

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