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Price Per Dieese Capital

The value of the basic food basket rose in 2022 – in June – in nine out of 17 capitals where Dieese conducts the National Food Basket Survey. Information from Agência Brasil.

The value of the basic food basket in 2022 in capitals – Dieese Research

The value of a basic food basket in 2022 by capital ranges from R$549.91 to R$777.01, according to Dieese research in a June survey.

  • Sao Paulo BRL 777.01.00
  • Florianopolis BRL 760.41.00
  • Porto Alegre BRL 754.19.4
  • Rio de Janeiro BRL 733.14.0000
  • Campo Grande BRL 702.65.00
  • Curitiba BRL 701.26.2015
  • Brasilia BRL 698.36.36
  • Victory BRL 692.84.27
  • Goiania BRL 674.08.0000
  • Fortaleza BRL 657.00.00
  • Belo Horizonte BRL 648.77.00
  • Belem BRL 632.26.26
  • Recife BRL 612.34.0
  • Christmas BRL 611.79.00
  • Joao Pessoa BRL 586.73.00
  • Salvador BRL 580.82.00
  • Aracaju BRL 549.91.00

Between May and June, the highest increase in the value of the basic food basket in 2022 occurred in the Northeast, in the cities of Fortaleza (4.54%), Natal (4.33%) and Joao Pessoa (3.36%). Eight cities showed reductions, the most telling being those in the south: Porto Alegre (-1.90%), Curitiba (-1.74%) and Florianópolis (-1.51%).

According to the survey, São Paulo was the capital where the basket of basic foodstuffs recorded the highest cost (R$777.01), followed by Florianópolis (R$760.41), Porto Alegre (R$754.19) and Rio de Janeiro (R$754.19). 733.14 Brazilian Real). . In the cities of the north and north-east, where the composition of the basket varies, the lowest average values ​​were recorded in Aracaju (R$549.91), El Salvador (R$580.82) and Joao Pessoa (R$586.73).

Compared to June last year, all the capitals surveyed experienced price increases, with variations ranging from 13.34% in Vitoria to 26.54% in Recife.

The survey also indicated that the minimum wage needed to support a family of four should be R$6,527.67, or 5.39 times the minimum R$1,212.00. In May, the required amount was R$6,535.40, or 5.39 times the lower limit. In June 2021, the minimum required value was supposed to be R$5421.84, or 4.93 times the minimum in effect at the time, R$1,100.00.

High price of whole milk

According to the survey, among the products whose price has increased in all capitals, whole milk shows the highest increase in Belo Horizonte (23.09%), Porto Alegre (14.67%), Campo Grande (12.95%) and Rio de Janeiro (11.09%). In the case of butter, the largest increases occurred in Campo Grande (5.69%), Belem (5.38%) and Recife (3.23%).

In 15 out of 17 capitals, the price of a kilo of French bread rose, the highest percentages were in Belém (10.29%), Salvador (3.36%) and Natal (3.21%). The price of wheat flour, collected in the center and south, was high in all capitals, especially in Brasilia (6.64%) and Vitoria (5.49%).

The price per kilogram of carioquina rose in all cities surveyed and ranged from 3.67% in Belem to 13.74% in Recife. The price of a kilo of dried coffee increased in 13 capitals, with the main increases in São Paulo (4.43%), Belém (3.31%) and Recife (3.31%).

In the opposite direction are potatoes that showed a decrease in prices in all cities, with the cuts most telling in Campo Grande (-19.60%), Florianópolis (-16.31%) and Belo Horizonte (-14.72%).

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