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Picture, story | LeBron James “unintentionally” salute to Kobe Bryant

At first glance, one might think of an ordinary immersion in a counterattack. “Common” on the scale LeBron James, we agree: Not everyone can send an upside-down windmill just as easily. Even our photographer Chris Elise, on the edge of the Staples Center floor on February 6, 2020 to receive the Rockets, wasn’t the most impressed: “” has not been Exciting moment because he’s alone on the counterattack and doing some ‘reverse drenching’ »

Thus, capturing this moment is not particularly difficult for him. ” I see the objection (by Danny Green and Avery Bradley), I change the wide angle camera – 24/105mm – I see it coming in and wait for the “ready, take off” moment, waiting for support before the jump Describes a professional who takes a series of five or six photos. The shots are good, it’s in the penalty area. sent to the media.

Only the next day, on Twitter, Chris Elise will understand the scope of this immersion, more symbolic than it sounds. Because in the hours that followed, his famous fellow took a picture of the same gesture, Andrew D. Bernstein, one of the few photo-grabbers on the site, has caused quite a stir on the web. The explanation, which is beyond the quality of the scenery, is related to the context of this match.

On February 6, when James Harden, Russell Westbrook, and the Mini Rockets visit the Lakers, Staples Center slowly begins to resume its “normal” life. normal life without copy print His death, which occurred a few days ago, on January 26, upset the entire basketball planet and beyond.

However, that evening, a member of the franchise’s video team was one of the few who drew an analogy between the immersion of “The King” and that almost identical to the “Black Mamba”, who lashed out on a November 2001 evening against the Kings. His video posted to the Lakers account will have more than 20 million views. ” Our wonderful social media team put this together, and I thought it was cool LeBron James gets excited a few days after the meeting.

Damn, that’s a great picture!

The star admits that day, although he’s seen his friend perform this gesture during his career, he had no intention of imitating him. ” I hadn’t really calculated it before jumping in. It’s crazy to see how exactly the same dunk, the same basket that Kobe made and what is there? 19 or something like that? It was nice. »

It’s nice that LeBron James, who was happy to create a new association with the former domestic legend, didn’t hesitate to repost a photo of… Andrew D. Bernstein on his Instagram account specifically, working with a remote to operate his device remotely.

When I first saw it, I was like, “Damn, that’s a great picture!” J’ai découvert comment elle avait été price : Andy n’a eu qu’à appuyer sur la télécommande pour la prendre, et quand j’ai vu la vidéo, au moment où je suis en l’air, on peut voir le flash background. At that moment, it was as if I was walking on air. I was like, ‘Wow… he’s the real best player, that’s for sure. »

With his photo taken from another angle, Chris Elise could also claim this honorary title. ” If I had posted it on my photos that same evening, I might have gained more visibility. My image was muddled by Andrew’s bad reputation, and his image overwhelmed the quality of my image. »

For the next match, Andrew Bernstein himself will still be greeting our photographer for telling him that he, too, really liked his shot. We’re still talking about Boss, one of the great godfathers of the NBA in photography with Nathaniel S. Butler (Editor’s note: He also took a LeBron James sticker on Jason Terry, years earlier, but Chris Elise’s photo had then won the vision battle.) (This kind of congratulations) rare in the environment. Photographer is a profession that has a lot of ego. There is a certain difficulty in saying “I love your work”. I always congratulate the photographer I admire, both for the portrait and throughout his career. So there are no hard feelings.

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