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Paulo Banchero is difficult!

Surprise #1 in the draft Since he didn’t try magic, Paolo Banchero didn’t miss his debut with 17 points, 4 rebounds and 6 assists against Jabari Smith Jr. Rockets. , many NBA stars yesterday and today, a slew of leaders, but Banchero stresses that he had no fear of the stage.

“No pressure. It’s tattooed on me. Literally ” Explains after his performance. “I’ve always handled the pressure really well, and I’ve been able to handle it. What I mean is that in the end, it’s just basketball. There’s going to be all this pressure, all this noise, but at the end of the day you have to go out and put some baskets against five Other guys… So, I’m like, “What pressure is that?” Basketball isn’t it? »

No pressure, no stomach lump, but Panchero knows all he has to prove.

“I wanted to show that I can be a smart guy and someone who can influence a win, not someone who punishes his team.” continued. “You know, I think I’d get the ball in my hands a lot, getting points, assists, and rebounds. It was about doing all that, being better in defense. I think I did all of that, but I could still do a lot better. »

What we will remember is that he is already a complete striker, did not hide in defense, and was seduced by his ability to direct the match. A very long and powerful wing, Banchero can get the ball, and his vision of the game is very interesting. We saw him hand out some beautiful passes, and he assures us it was just a warm-up.

I think I did well Banchero concludes. ” I missed a few easy shots, I missed a crucial throw, and I went out a few…but I think I was strong. I got my teammates involved. I could have been better in defense. I warm up, get fit, and that’s what I use my summer league for: to get in shape. »

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