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Otto Porter Jr., the origins of the new Raptors experience

such as Gary Payton II, Damion Lee, Juan Toscano-Anderson and Nemanja Bjelica, Otto Porter Jr You wouldn’t aim for a “back-2-back” with the Warriors. At the age of 29, he has already decided to let the defending champion commit two years with the Raptors, and $12.3 million (his second season will be a “player option”).

There is a great deal for the Canadian franchise, which is restoring there a mixed-use and experienced wing, which has managed to raise its popularity rating with Golden State. And who still imagines very big things, with Toronto …

Obviously, winning the title with Golden State, I think a lot of guys were expecting everyone to come back for a new “round”, so it was a tough decision to make. “He explained at the outset.” I will be linked to these guys for life, we had a great year, but it’s a new opportunity for me to come to Toronto and aim for another title. »

Passed by the Wizards, Bulls, Magic and then Warriors, Otto Porter Jr. is about to play for his fifth team in the league. Desired by many leaders, he finally chose the Raptors’ proposal, without hesitating for long.

I’ve had other offers, yes, but it’s a place I really wanted to go to Added about Toronto. ” My wife is from here, so it’s a lot easier for my family. It’s also a great organisation, a great team, still young and aspiring to get back to the top. […] By winning a title with Golden State last season, I feel I can bring my experience as a champion to help the younger ones. »

The perfect basketball profile of Nick Nurse

Nearing his 10th year in the NBA, Otto Porter Jr. has a versatile sporty, slim “3 & D” look that should fit right in with the type of Nick Nurse men’s basketball. Moreover, also for this reason, he wanted to join Canada this summer…

It weighed a lot, since there are a lot of diverse and different players here, which makes it even more fun “, as mentioned in detail.” Playing against a team that is between 2m and 2m13 is difficult. I think we can go far in the playoffs with this team and I think they are ready to go back to the finals. »

But what is likely to change for the Raptors, thanks to the recruitment of Otto Porter Jr., is that they now have a real threat from afar, shooting only 35% on 3 points last season (last season’s top 20 percentile). league).

Game spacing is key in today’s NBA “A person who achieved a success rate of approximately 40% was judged to have an average of 3 points, since the beginning of their career.” I was able to do this in Golden State, for the guys to be able to break out and get into the circle, so I hope to do that here too, for Fred [VanVleet]Pascal [Siakam] and my silence [Barnes]. »

The only uncertainty surrounding Otto Porter Jr’s case is not new: his ability to stay in shape. Because, when he can, and that was the case in 2021/22, the third pick for the 2013 draft is one of the best NBA tournaments in his position. But the risk Canadian leaders are taking isn’t the highest, contractually speaking.

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