Only 7500 BRL in the account? What happened to Mason’s glove?

In recent days, the web has been asking what happened to Luva de Pedreiro, the influencer who has gone viral with football videos. Iran Ferreira, 20, directly expressed last Sunday (19/06) the possibility of taking a break from social media, showing the discontent of his followers.

Immediately, followers began to wonder what actually happened to the influencer. As a result, theories gained steam on the internet, especially regarding the young man’s relationship with his manager. Next, make sense of everything that happened with Glove de Pedreiro.

Understand what happened to Mason’s glove

On the night of Sunday, June 19, 2022, young sports influencer Lofa de Pedriro, also known as Iran Ferreira, took to social media to show his dissatisfaction with the present moment.

The young man even considered taking a break from the videos on social media, to make sure he wants to go it alone from now on in his path as an influencer.

“Thank God Dad, I’m for my followers, what they say to me is related. I don’t drink partner. But I want to vent that shit, I’m already sick. I’m not posting a video, I’m going to stay there for a while, you know, without posting a video. Cool Your head there, continue to annoy the man. I will follow this nonsense there alone, God and my admirers.”

With outrage, netizens wondered what had happened to Luva de Pedreiro. The first reaction was to ask about the relationship with businessman Alan Jesus, owner of ASJ Consultoria. Alan is responsible for managing footballers such as Dario Conca, former Fluminense, Pablo, of Flamengo, and other influencers.

The fundamental question is why Iran, even with this success, continues to live a simple life, in addition to the delay in concluding large contracts with the young man. With live on Sunday, doubts only increased.

After a day of controversy, the influencer deleted all mentions of the businessman from his social networks, indicating that the partnership had already ended. According to Metrópoles columnist Leo Dias, Luva had a total of R$7,500 in two bank accounts in 2022.

Now, the journalist noted that a great football star helps the young man in his career path, but without indicating who will become famous.

Watch excerpts from Glofa de Pedrero’s live broadcast in the video.

What does a businessman say from Glova de Pedreiro?

Alan Jesus, entrepreneur and career manager for influencer Luva de Pedreiro, expressed himself through social media in a note. The person in charge of ASJ Consultoria informed that the partnership in the contract with the young Bahian lasts until 2026, which also indicates a fine. According to Leo Dias, the fine for breaching the contract between the two parties is R$5.2 million.

Read the full note below.

Absolutely bewildered and deeply sorry, ASJ Consultoria, a company with extensive experience in the sports marketing sector, receives some of the news in the press – which unfortunately highlights trivial information, selectively ascertained, without any commitment to the truth of the facts.

ASJ and Luva de Pedreiro, with a successful track record to date, have a contract valid until 2026. If either party actually wishes to terminate the existing contract, in addition to honoring the agreed form of doing so, they must formally inform the other party of your decision.

To date, ASJ has not received any official communication and/or notification regarding any attempt to terminate Luva de Pedreiro. The only thing we have is evidence circulating online and news that would explain the existence of a supposed new agency, which could in theory be a breach of privacy.

In any case, urge to show or prove the regularity of its actions, the ASJ will do so very quietly, opening to its entitled all contracts, documents, extracts and anything else necessary.

Finally, we express our certainty and conviction that the truth, as always, will prevail.”

In an interview with journalist Leo Dias, on the Metrópoles portal, the businessman confirmed that everything will be clarified in time, in addition, he will show “in a comfortable way” everything he did during his course with Luva.

Check out the full note of businessman Alan Jesus on social media.

Who is Iran Ferrera, the Mason Glove?

Iran Santana Alves, or Iran Ferreira, was born in the interior of Bahia, in the city of Quijingue, which is located 322 kilometers from Salvador.

At only twenty years old, he became the new internet phenomenon. On Instagram, Luva has more than 14 million followers, while on Tik Tok she has 17 million followers and on Twitter almost 900 thousand followers.

Iran has adopted the nickname Luva de Pedreiro, in reference to the gloves he uses to play soccer, in reference to the cold weather gloves used by players in Europe. It all started with the videos that Luva posted on his social network profile where he is shown celebrating his goals in the best style of Cristiano Ronaldo, but in his own adaptation.

The famous phrase “Receba” became his trademark, and soon became popular with the public. Because of his charisma, talent with the ball at his feet, and kindness, Iran was quickly noticed. Personalities such as Neymar, Nene and Cristiano Ronaldo’s son, as well as profiles of clubs such as Barcelona, ​​Vasco and Bayern Munich, have re-posted the videos of young Bahian.

Iran even signed a millionaire contract with Amazon Prime, in addition to being in the Champions League final, the Roland Garros tournament, and even visiting Instagram headquarters.

Watch the video and learn about the content of Glove de Pedreiro.

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