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Nothing Phone (1) will be released on July 12, and in recent weeks the company has featured parts of the phone in several teasers. Now, Marquis Brownlee has posted a working video of the device. The YouTuber explicitly says that it can only talk about the back, but when fiddling with the cell phone, it gives a glimpse of the phone on the screen (1).

The phone screen (1) is very similar to the iPhone 12, with a symmetrical frame, but the selfie camera is in a hole in the left corner, not a notch.

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Aside from these details, Brownlee did not discuss image quality, specs, software experience, or user interface in the Nothing Phone preview (1). The YouTuber really focused on the distinctive design of the back of the cell phone.

The back of the phone (1) contains several strips of more than 900 LEDs with different functions. The user can light all of them to act as flash while using the camera. The LED indicator on the back also lights up when a video is being recorded.

The LED bar on the bottom of the phone will act as a progress bar for charging the battery. Simply move your phone while charging, and this bar lights up to tell you where to charge. The larger LED strip around the coil also lights up during wireless charging.

The user will also be able to customize the LED strips to light up in different ways depending on the type of notifications. LED lighting will also match the ringtones. At this moment in the video, Brownlee shows the Nothing Phone (1) screen and a bit of the cell phone interface.

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Phone (1) will be presented at an event in London, broadcast live on Nothing’s website. You can register your email here to receive event notifications.

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