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No summer league for Jeremy Suchan

Expected to pack Jeremy Suchan to summer league Las Vegas (July 7-17) now confirmed (plus Joe Wieskamp).

A blow to the up-and-coming Polish rookie from Tottenham, who was named ninth in the 2022 draft, who was nonetheless in the Texas workforce this summer in Nevada. The problem: His recent Covid-19 injury finally prevents him from participating, because his preparation has been disrupted and because San Antonio doesn’t want to risk playing inside without him being 100% physical.

Thus, Tottenham will be moved to Las Vegas by Josh Primo (12th pick for the 2021 draft), the owners of Branham (20th pick for the 2022 draft) or even Blake Wesley (25th pick for the 2022 draft). They will also make their competition debut on Friday (11 p.m.), against the Cavaliers.

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