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“No concerns” over flexibility of Red Bull’s floor

Red Bull boss Christian Horner has insisted his car’s floor does not flex excessively after the FIA ​​issued a technical directive that spelled out relevant regulations.

His corresponding number at Mercedes, Toto Wolff, described the clarification as “shocking” when he appeared over the weekend at the British Grand Prix.

Wolff said he “thinks some teams have been putting in that effort a lot and that will change before Paul Rijkaard.” However, today the FIA ​​confirmed the implementation of new technical guidance which makes clear that floor regulations have been postponed from the French Tour until the Belgian Grand Prix, after the summer break.

Horner told Sky it was “complete nonsense” to suggest that some teams had avoided the “porpoise” problem that others had since their floors reflected more than their rivals.

He said Red Bull had no concerns about its compliance with the rules. “Maybe he was referring to the cars around him at the moment, I have no idea. But there are absolutely no problems or concerns.”

The FIA’s efforts to curb F1 car cheating have drawn criticism from several teams, notably Red Bull, since it began when the first technical guidance was announced ahead of the Canadian Grand Prix.

Horner noted that wrecks suffered by several drivers had gone down at Silverstone, a circuit that is much smoother than several previous places.

“Obviously the technical guidance is focused on this rebound or porpoises that only certain cars have experienced. I think further discussion is due in the Technical Working Group, which is the appropriate forum for it.

“Obviously as we saw at Silverstone, no cars were really affected by it. So the argument is, is it the duty of the competitor to make sure their car is safe or is it the duty of the FIA ​​to make sure that the competitors are running their car safely?”

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