NFT Project ‘Moonbirds’ Under Hack Attack, Digital Collectibles Worth $1.5 Stolen So Far

The Moonbirds NFT project has been hit by the hackers, who have already stolen 29 digital holdings worth ETH 750 (around Rs 11 crore). The project was launched just a month ago in April and soon after, it gained popularity among members of the crypto community. Moonbirds was launched by PROOF Collective, an Ethereum blockchain-based NFT that offers 10,000 unique profile pictures. Owners get access to the PROOF community and can ‘interleave’ the NFT Boom for rewards and benefits.

Hackers are running a phishing scam about Project Moonbirds. The Block Crypto said in a report that victims are being searched for on Twitter.

Members of the crypto community are now posting warning messages about this ongoing phishing scam to Twitter, alerting the NFT community.

While the identity of the notorious hacker(s) remains a mystery, a Twitter user using the username “@0xLosingMoney” claims to have identified the scammer.

In a series of tweets, @0xLosingMoney described another Twitter user as “Dvincent_” a scammer, who was said to be behind this phishing attack.

“He offered his victim to trade for NFT on He agreed to transfer the hackers’ wallet to NFT’s,” @0xLosingMoney wrote in his thread.

@Dvincent_ account no longer exists, Twitter appears.

Since its launch, Moonbirds have faced scam attacks.

On April 9, Twitter for this project also posted a warning telling users about its only official website.

The money raised through this Moonbirds project goes to PROOF Holdings, the True Ventures-backed Web3 media company that brings together artists and creators in NFT.

“We have big plans and this funding will only be used to expand our team and launch new products – ultimately creating additional value for our community,” the project website says.

According to OpenSea data, more than 6,500 owners already own Moonbirds NFTs. The minimum price for this digital collectible is ETH 23 (about Rs 34 lakh).

The set is also available for purchase on the LooksRare NFT marketplace.

Hackers continue to remain active in the crypto and NFT spaces, looking for innocent and unsuspecting people to deceive them.

In April, at least 54 NFTs were stolen from Bored Ape Yachting Club (BAYC) in a hack attack, with a minimum price of nearly $13.7 million (about Rs 105 crore).

The hacker posted a fraudulent link to a fake BAYC website and directed clicks to link their MetaMask wallets to the fraudster’s wallet in order to participate in the fake airdrop.

The phishing attack also drained NFTs worth $1.7 million (about Rs 12.5 crore) from OpenSea. In this case, the attacker(s) lured OpenSea users to digitally sign malicious messages via phishing emails or websites.

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