Namesake of Yankees legend making MLB debut with Red Sox

In the turn of events, Boston Red Sox fans will be rooting for Jeter.

This is Jeter Downs. according to tweet By reporter Ian Brown, 23, will make his MLB debut at Fenway Park Wednesday.

It’s no coincidence that Downs’ first name associates him with New York Yankees legend and National Baseball Hall of Famer Derek Jeter, according to the Boston Globe.

When he came to the major leagues [in 1995]It was the name,” Downes explained to’s Mark Sheldon in 2017. It was the thing. was shining. It was “Jeter this, Jeter that.” It was actually my mom’s idea. My brother got Jerry from my father [Jerry Sr.]. It was my mom’s turn to choose a name since I was a second child. I just fell in love with Jeter and the way he plays, his humility, and how he carried himself on and off the court.”

Downs is doing his best to live up to his name. “I try to do the right thing on and off the field, whether that’s about baseball, out with friends, or helping someone out on the street,” Downs said, at the Boston Globe. “It’s kind of ironic that I have the name because that’s exactly the person I’m putting myself after.”

Downs hit 0.180 with 11 home points and 11 stolen bases in 53 games with WooSox. Downs is the number 5 prospect in the Red Sox, according to MLB Pipeline. Here is the survey report on the 23-year-old:

When he was posting a .888 OPS with 24 homers and several steals while hitting Double-A as a 21-year-old in 2019, Downes demonstrated a simple right-handed swing with quick hands and a nice loft and controlled the strike zone well. But after a slow start last year, he started to push and never recovered, as his plate discipline deteriorated and caused hits and poor contact more than before. He’s had five straight games in the Arizona Fall League, but otherwise, clashed there as well, raising concern that he might be more of a tough guy than someone who can deliver a consistent overall production. Downs continues to make the most of his average speed thanks to his stinging instincts that help him make him a 20-20 threat. His baseball IQ is also evident in the field, as he has good hands and strong arm strength. His mid range at the short stop will likely mark the transition to second base, where he could be an asset with his gauntlet.

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