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How do I get my business done fast?


  1.  time management

  2.  Take notes

  3.  Get enough sleep

  4.  Do the same thing together

Time Management

Time management is one of the basics that help control and plan all the tasks required during the day, in order to achieve many effective goals .

Time management, and psychological factors also have a great impact on that, so it is necessary to develop a plan in advance one day before starting work, as it is considered the most important step that can be taken in order to complete the work efficiently, so a small list must be prepared in order to verify the Plans that have been completed, this helps to keep a set of completed work, and to use spare time to create many plans.

taking notes

Some people follow the system of taking notes during their day, which makes them do their work better, so it is always recommended to take notes that they may need again, such as writing the ideas that come to mind, whether they are ideas for a project that must be completed or a date preferred to remember, in order to get work done quickly Taking into account the mastery of work .

Get enough sleep Sleep

is an essential component of sound health, as research shows that the body goes through a complete sleep cycle within 90 minutes and not less than that, so napping for less time does not have the same benefit and effect that can be achieved from sound sleep, although it makes the person feel much better, Therefore, it is recommended to get at least 8 hours of sleep a night.

 Doing similar things together

It is preferable to do all the similar work together, for example, you should not deal with emails intermittently and separately throughout the day, instead it is preferable to allocate one hour to browse the incoming emails, and respond to them, and this must be applied to many electronic applications as well , such as voice mail, or phone calls.

my business
my business

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