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Mike Schuller, former coach of the year with the Blazers, dies

What do you have in common? Tom ThibodeauAnd the Rick CarlisleAnd the Doc Rivers And the Mike Schuller ? They are among the few technicians in the league to win the Coach of the Year Cup in their first year of coaching. The last city, decorated in 1987 when he arrived at the Blazers, died at the age of 81.

He had taken his first steps in the big league as an assistant coach with the Nets in the early 1980s. After a stint with the Bucks, the Portsmouth (Ohio) native won his first Oregon spot at the time when Kiki Vandeweghe And the Clyde Drexler They were team leaders.

It was replaced by an assistant Rick Adelman During his third season after two consecutive eliminations in the first round of playoffs but a very respectable regular season record (127 wins – 84 losses or 60% success). He had a less happy experience with the Clippers a few years later (52 wins – 75 losses). Mike Schuller continued his career as an assistant with the Kings and the Wolves and again with the Bucks until 2005.

It was a pleasure to be coached by Mike and to be by his side later in my career. reaction Terry Porterpassed by Portland from 1985 to 1995. The latter, who also turned coach, added: “ Mike was a great coach and put a lot of effort into his coaching, focusing on bringing out the best in his players. As a colleague, I was so grateful to have him on my coaching staff for sharing his experience, knowledge and kindness with me. »

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