Microsoft Edge Gets New Feature to Constantly Import Data From Google Chrome

Microsft Edge is getting a new feature that allows users to constantly import data from Google Chrome. The “Import Browser Data” menu previously used to offer a one-time sync option for your data, bookmarks, browser history, and more. Now, Edge introduces a new feature that automatically imports data from Google Chrome when you launch the browser for the first time after startup. Currently, Chrome is supposed to be the only browser compatible with this new feature.

Initially spotted by Windows Latest, the new addition to the Import Browser Data option on Microsoft Edge allows users to automatically import data from Google Chrome when it first runs after a restart. This feature is said to be not entirely new. However, two new options were introduced. Edge will now also pick up previously opened tabs from Chrome; Even extensions can be imported. This will enable users to seamlessly transition from Chrome to Edge. According to information on Microsoft’s support page, Edge can currently safely import up to 50 tabs at once; Any that would hinder the performance of the system in the short term. Furthermore, enabling or disabling the setting on Chrome will reflect on Edge if it is available.

To enable this feature on Microsoft Edge, go to Settings > Profile > Import Browser Data > Import Browser Data from Google Chrome on every launch. Here you can also select the type of data you want to import.

Microsoft has great plans for Edge after it announced that Internet Explorer will be discontinued this year on June 15. Recently, at the Build 2022 conference, the tech giant revealed the many updates Edge is receiving. One of the most noticeable features is the general availability of WebView2 for WinUI 2 and Universal Windows Platform (UWP). Microsoft is also adding new APIs and improving notifications for Enhanced Progressive Web Applications (PWAs).

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