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Marko Simonovic wants to get the minutes back with the Bulls

Vooch is my guide. He’s like my older brother here. I’m glad he’s here in Chicago. He helped me on and off the field. “Although appreciated Marko Simonovic towards his countryman, Nikola VucevicThe first city didn’t have many chances to play behind the second during the junior season.

Drafted 44th in 2020, the hub, banned by Tristan Thompson or Tony Bradley, had to settle for nine short appearances and anecdotal statistical production. So he attacked his summer with a very specific goal: “ I work every day to be ready and get NBA minutes. Hence his desire to train with Nikola Vucevic this summer in Serbia.

And where also his desire to take advantage of the summer league to show off. The good news is that his summer coach, Jon Bryant, has already noticed physical progress. “ Advance with his hands and at the level of the body. He is able to finish though contact thanks to his physique. I often associate it with Ayo (Dusunmo). There was a day in training where he was introduced to pick-and-roll after picking and rolling. Making his decision after the screen, whether it’s ending or moving to the wing, is much better Describes the Bulls’ usual assistant.

If he didn’t have the chance to shine with the first team, Marko Simonovic managed to do so in the G League where he hooked up doubles, sometimes huge ones, hitting 17 points, 10 rebounds and 3 average assists. Enough to incorporate it into the internal rotation that sometimes lacked a stinger last season?

One thing is for sure, however, that Montenegro, who has gained muscle, has now gone through the stage of acclimatising to the big league and its new American life. “ It was a little complicated for me because it was my first year in the States. Every day I ran on and off the field to see how I live here and understand everything. It is a process. I know that not everything is done in a year. I need time to understand everything and learn. I think I’ve improved a lot, but I still have plenty of room to do so. “, finish.

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