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Jabbari Smith Jr., summer league to ‘take the NBA temperature’

He will be eagerly awaiting him in Las Vegas. Jabbari Smith Jr.third draft pick, will face first-choice Paulo Banchero in the first game since the NBA set a promising date for the Magic-Rockets in the summer league opener.

For a long time, until the last moment, the first city was supposed to join Orlando and the second Houston. But the magic tried to gamble by choosing Banchero at last.

That’s why it’s so interesting to follow this duel in the Summer League, that even Jabari Smith Jr. has partially admitted it. For his part, Stephen Silas does not want to dwell on this confrontation or the media expectations it generates.

“I want him to play”his coach announces to the Houston Chronicle. “The important thing is the whole, not just referring to a particular game. It is a process, where there will be ups and downs. You have to go out there, learn what you need to learn in training, try to apply it afterwards and have fun. That is the message. It is not a duel in the face of Especially, because in the summer league, it doesn’t matter. It’s mostly him and how he plays.”

“There are times when he’s the smartest player I’ve seen, and there are times when he’s actually 19”

Especially since this is only the beginning of Auburn’s previous NBA adventure. “I wouldn’t say he’s in the NBA because even if there are NBA guys around in the gym, we’re sure of the summer league.”Rick Higgins, assistant coach believes that will be in charge of the Rockets during the summer league. “We are here to make it grow and improve. He will take the temperature of the NBA.”

Like James Wiseman before him, during his first steps in the Warriors, interior design shows great promise, but also great limits. “There are times when he’s the smartest player I’ve seen, and there are times when he’s already 19,” Higgins continues. “It’s part of the process. Honestly, bad times are rare, but that’s part of the game.”

Having come to a very small team, Jabari Smith Jr. Rely on the advice of players who already have at least a season and a few games on their feet, before their first steps in the summer league.

“These are the players who have been there for a year”, He explains the interior with references to Josh Christopher, Daishin Nix or Usman Garuba. “They told me it’s simple, you don’t need to complicate your life. You have to do what you know how to do and give your all. Some players will be better than me in some matches, but the main thing is to play fair. I want to play hard whether I’m skilled or not.” “I want to give everything and learn. I don’t put too much pressure. I’m here to play hard and try to win matches.”

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