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Jabbari Smith, Jr. found himself very shy

whether Paulo Banchero He didn’t feel any pressure when it came to his first dodges with magic, on the other hand, Jabbari Smith Jr.. He admitted that he was somewhat nervous. In 19 years and two months, the former Auburn interior knew this duel would come under scrutiny, but also that the watchers wouldn’t fail to draw comparisons because the two mighty wingers were promised 1st and 3rd places in the draft, until the very last end. For a moment, he thought Orlando would pick Smith.

I was nervous before I started. It was just complicated. The discovery…a different style of basketball…my first NBA game… Lists the interior of Houston. ” It was fun, and I’m ready for the next match“.

If the Banchero was a complete winger, capable of even getting the ball, Smith Jr. He is a real 4-3 with a quick outside shot. He can move very fast even if he receives the ball with his back to the circle. We also saw that he could “drive” with the right hand as well as the left, with a nice touch at the end.

When he arrives, he signs an average performance (10 points, 7 rebounds, and 3 assists), but the Summer League is clearly not the type of basketball that puts him ahead. He is also self-critical.

I feel like I could have shared more, and that’s just me” , He said. ” In offensive recoil, in the way of making myself available to attack…but that will come with my learning of offensive systems. Other than that, I feel like I’m very involved. I just need to take some open shots and go for the bounce more. »

And what was he thinking about waiting around for a duel with Paolo Panchero?

“You had to be attentive, but not pay too much attention to it. You just have to play and have fun, and the rest follows that naturally. But it’s fun. It’s better to be that way than the other way around. »

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