Is June 24 a public holiday 2022?

Is June 24 a public holiday 2022? For those who usually see the operation of commerce and even public bodies changing during history, it is common to ask the question. Saint John’s Day is celebrated on June 24, and comes after the June festivities that fall this month. According to tradition, some Brazilians gather to eat typical dishes made of corn or dance on the dance floor during the date.

Is June 24 a public holiday 2022? Nordist sticks to the optional point

The official Brazilian calendar does not state that June 24 is a national holiday for 2022. Despite the tradition of celebration, the date was not included in the list of holidays or optional points. Despite this, in places where the celebration is stronger, such as the cities of Campina Grande, in Paraíba, and Caruaru, in Pernambuco, the day is marked with a municipal holiday.

In the Northeast region, it is also common for private bodies to paralyze their activities on that date. To this end, the Corpus Christi optional point has been moved to June 24 in cities where the date is not a public holiday. But, when the twenty-fourth day is already included in the list of holidays or optional point of the municipality, the celebration of Corpus Christi is moved to the twenty-third, thus guaranteeing two days off for workers and students.

Elsewhere, the official calendar already provides for a holiday on June 24 and the optional point on the 23rd. This is the case in some northeastern capitals like Recife, Salvador and Aracaju, for example.

Saint John’s Day, or Free Freemasonry Day

On June 24, festivities commemorate the birth of John the Baptist. Batista is considered a prophet, and acquired this name after acquiring the custom of baptizing new converts to Christianity in the Jordan River. The life of the saint, the son of Elizabeth, one of the cousins ​​of Mary the mother of Jesus, was considered a miracle. According to Christianity, Elizabeth was a barren woman.

John was given this name even before his birth after the angel Gabriel announced his arrival to his father, Zechariah, and informed him of the name by which the child should be baptized. After John became an adult, he lived near the desert of Galilee and preached to people passing through the Jordan.

Like Jesus, the man who was considered a prophet gathered some followers who followed him in his preaching. According to the biblical literature, John the Baptist was responsible for the baptism of Jesus Christ. Moreover, he was also one of the people who proclaimed that Jesus would be the Son whom God had sent to earth.

June parties

To celebrate Saint John’s Day, it is common for families to light bonfires at the doors of their homes. Tradition mentions Elizabeth’s letter to Mary. Before John was born, Christ’s mother asked her cousin how she would have known about the coming of the baby. At that time, Isabelle would answer that she would light a fire to warn her of the event.

Therefore, June festivities are characterized by gathering and burning bonfires, not only on Saint John’s Day, but also on Saint Anthony’s Day, which is celebrated on June 11, and Saint Peter’s Day, which falls on June 29. Other traditions that characterize the month’s festivities are the “quadrilha junina” festivals, fireworks, the preparation of typical foods made from corn, as well as the use of checkered clothing.

Check out upcoming holidays and optional points in Brazil:

For those who do not live in a place in Brazil where Saint John’s Day is an optional holiday or point, it is possible to start planning for the next scheduled day in the Brazilian national calendar. This year, the state will still have five holidays plus an optional point. See the list:

  • September 7 – Brazilian independence.
  • October 12 – Our Lady of Aparecida;
  • October 28 – Public Service Day (optional point);
  • November 2 – all lives;
  • November 15 – proclamation of the republic;
  • December 25 – Christmas.

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