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‘Irritated’ Jacob deGrom could be a ‘stupid’ investment for Mets, MLB insider cautions

Jacob deGrom may not be a New York Met forever.

DeGrom and the Mets both need to make a decision to continue the partnership, and there are reasons for each side to back off.

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According to MLB insider Andy Martino, DeGrom’s Mets career nearing an end could be a reality. First, because deGrom may want to split.

Per Martino on SNY:

“Let’s talk about Jacob deGrom’s future with the Mets…Even though DeGrom might return to the Mets, he might retire as the Met, and he might go to the Hall of Fame as the Met, he and the new order here still feel for each other. That’s a story that wasn’t written Its end is yet. From the players’ point of view, not only watched Gerrit Cole He became a higher paid shooter around town, but watch Max Scherzer Becoming a paid player with a higher annual value in his club house. He was definitely pissed off last year when the Mets were president Sandy Alderson He said he hit a damaged elbow ligament, pushing Degrom back. There were a few small assaults that have been added and may need to be addressed.”

If DeGrom decides to continue wearing blue and orange, General Manager Steve Cohen will have to decide whether or not to budget it.

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Martino said:

“You have a pitcher that will turn 35 next year, and you have an owner with almost unlimited resources. But Steve Cohen didn’t get there by making stupid investments, and we don’t yet know if Jacob Degrom from his late 30s is a good investment. That guy not installed In a major league match in more than one calendar year. He’s back. He was throwing triple figures with that fast ball on his first rehab ride. So he’s on his way back to Steve Cohen’s Mets, and the two have to figure out if this relationship is something they want to keep moving forward. But the real talking reality where we’re sitting here in July and he hasn’t made any bid after this season, is that DeGrum’s future is with the Mets and his team. The future is with any other team Up in the air. You shouldn’t just sit there and assume that because Cohen has the money, DeGrom will be back with the Mets next year and beyond. we will see.”

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