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Houston Dynamo vs FC Dallas and highlights

This Saturday (9), Houston Dynamo vs FC Dallas They faced each other in a game fit for MLS 2022. In the fiftieth edition of Texas Derbyin a very crazy game, the two teams tied 2 x 2.

Watch the best moments of the Houston Dynamo vs FC Dallas match


First Half: Dallas Takes Lead in the Texas Derby

The teams started well, have a good offensive duel. The first good chance came from Houston Dynamoat 24′, when Rodriguez’s note He shot a free kick from a distance, but with danger. until soon after, Dallas He went on the offensive. at 26′, Velasco Kick a corner kick into the head of the defender hedgeswho sent him down the net. The game got monotonous from there, but Dallas It showed a clear superiority over its competitors. Before the team whistle he still had a few chances, with Cervania at 30 ′ and with BOMICAL At 38. But other than that, nothing more.

Second half: goals, fight, injury, sent off: classic with a classic face

a Houston Dynamo He took an attitude to the first period and completely changed his attitude. The host team received the strength of the fans and made the match their own, without giving way to the dangerous attack before Dallas. Finally, at 69 degrees, came the tie. After a quick corner kick, Herrera crossed the area. defender ciliary He tried a shot, but the defense took it over the goal line. However, Alvarson It was on the rebound, and the 34th jersey was pushed inward.

Keep pressing. at 75′, Carraquilla Knocked out in the face of the goalkeeper Martin PaceBut the Dutchman made a great save. At 82, things started to get heavy. defender of dynamoAnd the STRESS, Score what will be the goal of spinning with a header. But the referee canceled the goal for offside. fava picult, who would have interfered with the play without even touching the ball. Since then, the game has looked like a classic: arguing, pushing, yelling, waxing, and flaming crowds. a Houston He will still have a high chance of counterattack with it fava picult, but the ball passed the post by an inch. The game changed shortly after this moment. When trying to avoid the target, the side DallasAnd the Farvan, hit his head in the leg of the goalkeeper. With that said, he had to be taken off the field immediately, but fortunately, he was clear despite the heavy blow.

After a few minutes, restart the game and Dallas He went on the attack with all possible speed. It worked. at 93, O’Brien It ran like lightning and crossed into the middle. Jesus Ferrera He reached and filled the foot, and put Dallas In the foreground again. But it didn’t stop there. per minute 100, Ferrera He had another great opportunity, but missed it. in the counterattack, Quintero I tried the long shot, and after Pace bounced back, ciliary It seems to tie again. He still has time CervaniaFrom Dallas on 102′. Until the 104th minute, the referee blew the whistle at the end of the match: 2 x 2.

Houston Dynamo vs FC Dallas – What Now?

with a tie, Houston Dynamo He remained with 22 points and at the bottom of the Western Conference table. On the other hand, the Dallas It hits 28 points and is in a much more comfortable position within the G-7.

a Houston Dynamo Returns to the field on Tuesday (12) against Austin FC. Already FC Dallas Plays only on Wednesday (13) against New York City. It will be both matches valid by MLS 2022.

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