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Hamilton was taking corners 10kph quicker when he crashed

Team boss Toto Wolff says the crashes of Lewis Hamilton and George Russell in yesterday’s qualifying session show that Mercedes is still “tough to drive” despite its most competitive showing in Austria.

Both drivers finished yesterday’s session in the third quarter of the year with hurdles after their separation. Wolff explained that Hamilton increased his top speed in the fast corners in the middle of the lap when the car pulled away from him in the seventh turn.

“It’s still tough to drive, and now that we can fight on front positions, I’m really happy to see they’re attacking,” he said. “Lewis, in the previous corner, was carrying 10 kilometers per hour faster and made the sixth turn. Then he took 10 km per hour to the seventh and did not turn.”

Wolff said Russell’s crash was similar. “I’ve seen he’s been up in delta time and that’s been a special force in his previous runs and he’s gone really far.

“Whether there’s wind or any other conditions, I think the bottom line is the car is tough to drive but it’s faster now and for me that’s perfectly fine.”

Wolff thinks the two drivers were close to fighting for pole yesterday. The lap, the last corners that Lewis attacked were the fastest overall.

“Would we have been fighting for first place? I’m not sure, but we might be around a tenth and a tenth and a half of the top runners.

“This is on a track where our car was not happy before. So that’s an improvement. And I’d rather have two cars in the wall fighting for pole than a P8 and Steady Eddie driving.”

The accidents left “a lot of damage” to the team’s cars, which Wolff said they are still weighing in.

“We have two floors, two [gear]The boxes we need to check, the rear wing, the parts and pieces. Yesterday in the garage in the early evening, it looked like someone had dropped a Lego on the ground. The mechanics do a great job.”

He added that the damage would have “implications for the cost ceiling”, “but the biggest is that the mechanics will have to work around the clock. So hopefully we can get a good sprint car to put us in a good position for tomorrow.”

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