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Three types of “pirates”… What is the difference between them?

Three types of "pirates"... What is the difference between them?

Contrary to what you might think, not every “hacker” is a pirate, as this description is not limited to hackers only.In fact, the term “hacker” is applied to anyone who is familiar with programming languages.

Those to whom the “hacker” deal applies are divided into three types, where each group is given a “hat” to distinguish it from the others.

What are the three types of “hackers”?

1. The white hat

They are the programmers working in cybersecurity and digital forensic investigations.

Their job is to identify vulnerabilities in devices and systems and update them in order to protect them from potential breaches.

2. The black hat

They are pirates in every sense of the word: highly skilled and intelligent, they have moved to the dark side of the force.

Sometimes they are present in groups, and the group is referred to as an “electronic army.”

At other times, hackers act as lone wolves, sabotaging, tampering and hacking systems and computers in order to get money or fame.

3. The Gray Hat

They are not inherently evil, but this group of “hackers” searches for vulnerabilities in systems and computers and enters forbidden digital places, where every “hacker” is motivated by his passion and thirst for knowledge.

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