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Great start in training for Finn Baker

What a rebirth for Finn Baker, who has definitely fallen behind his years of depression, alcoholism, and bankruptcy. The former interior has been integrated into the Bucks since 2018, and will see a great first this evening in the Summer League as he will take on the head coach’s uniform at the meeting between Milwaukee and Brooklyn.

This is another important step in his progress and a huge sign of confidence on the part of the Wisconsin franchise and its coach, Mike Budenholzer.

that means alot to me. Getting the chance to be the coach in the summer league, to continue to progress in my work as an assistant and coach quite simply He told the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. ” It also means a lot to me that Coach Budd trusts me. It’s an opportunity for me, my players, and I can’t wait to pass our identity on to them, teaching them our systems and how we play. I am so grateful for this opportunity “.

Ready to meet the challenge

Finn Baker feels ready to take on the challenge of supervising his group, which will notably include Sylvain Francisco, Hugo Besson, Evans Ganapamo as well as Luca Veldoza, a task in which he will be assisted by Blaine Mueller, Chaison Allen and Sidney Dubner.

“It’s kind of nervous but playful energy, like good butterflies. I think I’m ready. I’m not necessarily talking about wins or losses, but I’m definitely ready to coach the team”, he added. “Over the past four years, since the coach has been here, I’ve learned the ins and outs, in defense, in attack, all the nuances of the new NBA. I can’t wait to be on the edge of the field and see how it goes standing instead of sitting behind the bench” .

Like Nick Van Exel at Atlanta, Finn Baker, also 50, will choose a flexible style and try to give his players freedom while maintaining his personality.

“I will do it in the same way as Taylor (Jenkins, former Bucks assistant 2018-2019), Darvin (Ham, new Lakers coach) and Budd coach, and do it as best I can. Of course, I will use my personality. When downtime is necessary or when I have to We have to let them work on a point, I think I know how to do that too. For me, the most important thing is to understand that this is my role of players. The players are what matters. So my biggest concern is to let the players be the best version of themselves.”

Bucks summer squad

Margone Beauchamp, Hugo Besson, Zylan Chetham, Sylvan Francisco, Evans Ganapamo, Marcus Graves, AJ Green, Dusty Hanaz, Dewan Hernandez, Matthew Hurt, Sandro Mamukilashvili, Iverson Molinar, Timothy Soares, Raygon Tucker, Luca Fildo

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