Google X Lab Projects

Google X Lab Projects

Google X Lab Projects Between Fact and Fiction

Google X is Google’s lab known as Moonshots (the area between real projects and science fiction) and the lab contains great projects and ideas such as Google Glasses and self-driving cars ( without a driver ).

Astro Teller was appointed in charge of the laboratory for all existing projects under the name of Captain Of Moonshots .

Teller holds a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from Stanford and a Master’s in Computing from the same university, in addition to granting him a PhD in Artificial Intelligence from Carnegie Mellon University, so it can be said that he is suitable for this task.

Google X Lab Projects Between Fact and Fiction
Google X Lab Projects Between Fact and Fiction

Google has where this kind of work requires several qualities, including innovation and the courage to go beyond reason.

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Regarding the Google X lab , Teller said, “With every project that was brought up, we had some moments of skepticism about it, but we continued with determination.

As for the opinion of others, I think we are doing the right thing, but we are afraid that people will not understand what we are doing and therefore try to push us away from our goal,” he also added.

Which leads to our failure and a waste of a lot of effort, time and many personal and professional lives.

” During a secret visit by the famous Fast Company magazine, which specializes in the field of technology, to Google X laboratories , specialists discovered that Teller and his team demonstrated how to move from the stage of failure to the stage of innovation and to present ambitious and innovative projects in an unrealistic way.

reasonable. And you can watch the video to get a peek inside the Google X Labs and see how the team works:

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